Bluey® Kit de Arte para Ventanas

4.8 5 0 48 48 Transforma la luz solar en arcoíris mientras creas tu propio Arte para Ventanas con Bluey! El set está completo con 8 tubos de pintura para ventanas fáciles de usar, 7 suncatchers listos para pintar de todos tus personajes favoritos, ventosas con ganchos y hilo, e incluso una lámina de acetato para trazar y crear adornos personalizados para ventanas. ¡Lo único que tienes que hacer para crear el arte para ventanas más increíble es pintar y mostrar! Elige un personaje para dar vida: Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, Lucky, Indy o Rusty. Luego, haz que cada uno cobre vida en 3 sencillos pasos: ¡pintar, secar y mostrar!
Bluey® Kit de Arte para Ventanas


Bluey is a new cartoon show that my daughter loves. Bluey is one of my kids favorite characters. He loves this coloring book. It keeps him occupied. It also doesn’t cause a huge mess. East pick up!
Bluey is one of my kids favorite characters. He loves this coloring book. It keeps him occupied. It also doesn’t cause a huge mess. East pick up!
My kid enjoyed this
My kid loves the Bluey Window Art Kit! She spend hours creating colorful scenes on the windows. It's a great way for them to be creative and have fun.
Fun activity
Fun activity for the kids. My kid enjoys it. Kids learn coloring and motor skills. Good way to involve in the summer time
Easy and fun
I found this while looking for something my daughter could do when she had an extended hospital stay. They were fun to make, weren't messy and she loved seeing them in the window.
Kids loved this!
Very easy to use. My children loved filling in the figures with the paint. The drying time was fast. And they are so cute hanging in the window. I would recommend!
Easy for Pre-K Age and Up
My daughter got this for her 5th birthday from a family member. She only needed help getting the paint opened and was able to do the rest on her own. It kept her busy and she liked getting to put it on the window.
Bluey art
My kids had so much fun painting these for Father’s Day gift! Will definitely be buying them again!
Great product
I bought for my daughter and she was so excited. It kept her busy and she tried to stay in the lines with different colors.
I bought this for my niece and I to do while watched her favorite movie. This was such a fun activity for the two of us to enjoy together!
I got this for my daughter and she loved it! It’s so much fun. Just paint the characters and attach a suction cup. Had in a window and the sun shines through them. It even has a sheet to make your own suncatcher.
Me and my granddaughter loved doing these together
great activities for the littles
Perfect little activity for your little ones. My kids are obsessed with everything bluey, so this was a great activity to do with the kiddos when they can't find nothing else to do.
10/10 Love it
Very good product for parents. Keeps children occupied while you get work done. Very easy to use and the directions are very clear. Doesn't make a mess and it makes me happy seeing my kids art everyday. I would recommend this to all of my family and friends with kids.
The kids loved it!! Great activity for kids. Would recommend.

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