Zesty Paws Allergy Relief and Immune Support Bites for Dogs

4.6 5 0 68 68 Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites are grain free soft chews that support immune, histamine, and digestive health for dogs with skin, seasonal, and environmental allergy issues. At 80 mg per chew, Epicor contains vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants that are clinically proven to support the body’s natural immune defenses to keep your dog healthy.
Zesty Paws Allergy Relief and Immune Support Bites for Dogs


game changer
Aller-Immune Bites have been a game-changer for my dog's skin issues. Not only has her itchiness significantly reduced, but she also adores these treats. The positive impact on her well-being is clear, making these bites a must-have for any dog dealing with skin or allergy concerns. Highly recommended!
My dog loves them but…
My dog loves them, but she still scratching. It’s only been two weeks so far I’m not impressed with the results.
Stopped my dog itching her paws!
My dog used to always chew on her paws because the itched but ever since we started using these as “ treats” once in a while that stopped. My dog is very picky about treats but she has never spit these out!!
Pitty's love it
If you have pitbulls with allergy issues and stomach issues like I do, these are great. We had a little issue between all of our dogs because they got into something they shouldbt have and this really helped ontop of some medicine from the vets as well to get their stomachs back to where they needed to be. They also just love them as a treat for doing tricks or being good little babies in general!
It’s works!
My fur baby has bad stomach issues and this is a life saver.
Super Itchy Dog
My dog is itchy all the time. I ordered the aller immune bites and she stopped scratching and seems to be more comfortable now. Her coat also looks better!
Not for Us
As high of hopes I had with these Aller-Immune bites, my dogs seemed to have an opposite reaction to them and their itching got worse.
Not so great for my dog
I’ve heard a lot about these and how well they worked for other dogs. Unfortunately, my dog was seemingly allergic to them and couldn’t tolerate for more than a few days before I realized they were giving her terrible tummy issues. Not sure what the triggering ingredient was, but it was too bad it didn’t work out!
Good for dogs
My dog love is snack 1/10 I give 10 I need hide it because she wanted all the time
Seems to help
Seems to help with paw licking and redness around paws
Use everyday
Both my bullies use this and it has helped with their allergies. And it’s not a fight for them to take it . I have seem a big difference in their eyes and coat . I highly recommend it.
Stopped my girl from chewing her paws!
My dog was struggling with allergies worse this fall than ever before! We weren't able to figure out why and no matter how much we wiped her paws and gave her baths she was still chewing her paws almost non-stop and they were becoming red and raw. We started giving her these aller-immune bites (and still wiping her paws and giving her baths) and she slowly stopped chewing on her paws! Now she chews on them a couple times a day but we are so happy these helped reduce it so much!
Worth the money
My granddog was so itchy and miserable but we didn’t want to take the chance of using any topical products that he might lick off. These worked great and he loved them, they were like a treat to him so they must be tasty. I was so glad to finally see him get some relief from being so itchy all the time. He is a black lab so his ears tend to get infected and yeasty too and this helped that as well!!
Love it!
We love Zesty Paws products in our home. Our AmStaff mix girl has allergies and these definitely helped to alleviate some of those issues. We have tried many of their other products and would recommend. Love their small list of ingredients and more “natural” approach as well!
Really helped my dog!
I got these for my dog because they were having some major allergy issues. These seemed to really help! You have to give them regularly for a while before you notice a different but they really seem to work.

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