Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups

4.8 5 0 1731 1731 Share the desserts you loved while growing up with your own kids today with Super Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups. Super Snack Pack's Vanilla pudding dessert is the sweet and creamy classic everyone loves, with 60% more pudding than regular 3.25 oz Snack Pack. Vanilla Super Snack Pack Pudding Cups are gluten-free and made with real milk for that creamy classic taste. Perfect for a sack lunch or on-the-go, these pudding cups are a creamy, delicious snack the whole family is sure to love. Super Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding has 170 calories with no preservatives and zero grams trans fat per 5.5 oz serving.
Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups


So YuMmY!!
Tasty, smooth, refreshing snack for a great price! Various flavors to choose from :)
First of all, the packaging is perfect for on-the-go snacking. The cups are compact and easy to throw in my bag or lunch box. This makes them a great option for busy days or when I need a quick treat at work. But the real star of the show is the taste. The vanilla flavor is rich and creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness. It's not overpowering, but still satisfies my sweet tooth. The texture is smooth and velvety, making each bite a delight.
Great snack
This vinnilla pudding is a great snack that taste good and is a great quick snack.
Yummy snack for home or on-the-go!
Snack Pack's have always been my go-to when wanting pudding without the hassle of making it myself. I love to chill them in the fridge first but it's nice that you don't have to, which makes them great for lunch boxes. I've always preferred the chocolate varieties they offer and feel the vanilla is better paired with chocolate, but the vanilla stands alone on its own just fine. It's great that they offer the 60% more containers! Sometimes the smaller ones just aren't enough.
Great Snack!
I absolutely love these pudding snacks! They are delicious, portable, and the perfect size for a lunch for either an adult or child lunch. They are also great for an after dinner snack. I definitely recommend!
Taste great
I think this is one of the tastiest brands of the vanilla pudding. Creamy and quick snack.
Yummy treat
This pudding is pretty yummy for shelf stable premade. It is rich creamy and sweet. The only thing I don’t really enjoy is that it kinda tastes like plastic in assuming from the packaging.
Always a good choice
This is always a nice pudding to choose, my kids also love the taste but we do prefer chocolate.
Creamy snack
Great for snack and great for kids love this produce . I would recommend it to anyone who has kids.
Too sweet
I strongly feel that the product is excessively sweet and unadventurous, primarily because of its extended expiration date. Furthermore, I absolutely disliked its taste. It is not a healthy product!!!
Bringing back memories
Super Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding is a nostalgic treat that brings back memories of childhood. I decided to try these pudding cups as a snack for myself and my family, and they did not disappoint. The pudding is incredibly creamy and has the perfect balance of sweetness. What sets Super Snack Pack apart is that it offers 60% more pudding than regular Snack Pack cups, giving you even more of that indulgent goodness. I appreciate that these pudding cups are gluten-free and made with real milk, ensuring a high-quality taste. The convenience factor is also a major plus. Whether you need a snack for a sack lunch or a quick on-the-go treat, these pudding cups are perfectly portioned for easy consumption. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Super Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding contains no preservatives and zero grams of trans fat. This makes it a guilt-free option, allowing me to enjoy the classic taste without compromising on my health goals. With 170 calories
Whats not to like
This pudding is a great go to snack for kids and adults. From vanilla, butterscotch,chocolate and more. The flavors are always great and come summer we poke a popsicle stick in the and freeze them for a hot summer day treat.
So Good!
Can't go wrong with a vanilla pudding. These are the perfect serving and great to add to a cold lunch! The smaller packs sometimes don't seem like enough after you eat them but these have the exact amount you'd want in a sweet, tasty pudding!
kids love them
My kids love these pudding cups. It is a great dessert to have after dinner or an afternoon snack. the kids will eat them completely. Even my husband sneaks one here and there.
Very tasty
My daughter loves these they are easy to pack in her lunch they taste good !

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