Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula with Iron Baby Formula Powder

4.8 5 0 163 163 <li>2’-FL HMO FOR IMMUNE SUPPORT: Similac Pro-Advance has 2’-FL HMO, a prebiotic that helps strengthen the immune system to be more like the breastfed infant than ever before</li> <li>SUPPORTS BRAIN & EYE DEVELOPMENT: Features our exclusive blend of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E, ingredients found in breast milk that are important for helping to support baby’s brain and eye development</li> <li>PROMOTES STRONG BONES: Has no palm olein oil to promote excellent calcium absorption for strong bones</li> <li>TRUSTED BRAND: Similac is the #1 infant formula brand chosen by parents</li> <li>NO ARTIFICIAL GROWTH HORMONES‖ & NON-GMO: Similac is the first leading infant formula brand with no artificial growth hormones. Similac Pro-Advance contains ingredients that are not genetically engineered</li>
Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula with Iron Baby Formula Powder


Formula my son loves
This formula has been great for my son, we tried breastfeeding as a newborn and it was a struggle so we switched to formula. My son took this formula super easy, he had no tummy issues when switching on or off of this one too. The product itself is great, I wish it was more readily available though.
Right from the start similac pro advanced formula made my daughter have the worst constipation in her life drinking this...awful gass and tummy issues, id totally not recommend
Worked great
We really struggled with my newborn gaining weight. I had been breastfeeding but needed to start supplementing. We tried a few different formulas but she kept getting diarrhea, gas, and a painful tummy from other brands. Similac advance has been the only thing that has kept her belly happy and made her gain weight. She is now 5 months, fully formula fed, and finally back in an appropriate weight percentile for her age. We owe all of that to this formula!
Great formula
My daughter used this formula to help supplement by breastfeeding and then full time and she loved it. It did not make her spit up at all and she enjoyed it very much. These containers make it easy to get one scoop at a time.
Easy on the Tummy
This formula has been a home run with my daughter and we've never experienced digestive issues. I think the consistency of it is nice too. It doesn't get too 'gunky' in our formula maker.
Great product but too expensive
I used this formula for my baby but it’s too expensive so I switched to similar products but cheaper. I wish Similac would send me coupons or samples for my baby. My baby didn’t have any tummy problems with this product. Would be great if they’re always available on all supermarkets in NJ as they always run out of Similac products.
A good choice
I breastfeed my babies as long as I could but I needed to eventually use formula. This is one of the only formulas my babe would drink and not constantly spit up afterwards. Plus, my family is low in iron so this was just a wonderful added bonus.
Top Shelf Formula
This is our formula of choice for our two babies. We’ve tried a few different brands and this particular formula seems to be the best fit for our girls’ tummies. They both seemed to have less gas issues with this product. We are so happy to have found this because watching your sweet baby have tummy issues and having little control over helping them is an awful feeling for new parents.
Good for baby
I used this on my two kids. My daughter loved this one the most. Didn't make her sick. I love this product.
The best formula
This was recommended to us from my sons pediatrician after he was having trouble with another formula. We tried it and couldn't be happier. It fills him up and is gentle on the tummy. Its pricey but so worth it.
Great for sensitive tummies!
We used this formula for my daughter after trying a bunch of different brands and all of them upset her stomach. Not this one though! It's been great and hasn't caused any stomach issues. I definitely recommend this one!
Baby formula
I used similac pro advance for my daughter but then she started to get fussy and gassy. After the recall the formula doesn't seem to make my daughter fussy anymore.
Good for baby
I can tell that it was the only milk that my babies didn't have a problem with gasses or vomiting is very good milk
This was used for my grandson that was a preemie. I had to buy because he was really sensitive to other products. This stuff is so expensive, but our babies need it so we do what we have to do. After about 2 weeks I could see a difference.
Baby had no issues with this formula
Loved when we could get it!!! With the formula shortage for the past few months we can’t get it anymore. We had stocked up on five containers of it and have used it all. Baby seemed to like the taste. He had no adversities to the formula. I also feel like his reflux decreased while on this specific formulation! Had no gasey tummy either. Grandma also really liked how easy this powder mixes. I put the formula in the bottle and add the water and it seems like it mixes immediately. Really liked this formula.

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