Scunci 3PK Matte Metal Claw Clips

4.8 5 0 158 158 <li>3 claw clips</li> <li>Mixed shapes, finishes, and sizes</li> <li>Savvy Value!</li> <li>Ideal for all hair types</li>
Scunci 3PK Matte Metal Claw Clips


Love love love!
These clips were fantastic. Held well enough that my hair stayed in place all day but not too tight that they hurt my head plus they were super cute! Definitely recommend!
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I love the pink clip the most
I can do various hairstyles with the clips. Whether it’s using the clip to form a ponytail, pinning it up with some hair down, making an updo bun.
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So much Better!!!!!
I was very impressed by this product. The quality in which its made is metal and I think one of them is hardened plastic. I am constantly breaking my other jaw clips due to the plastic being so cheap. They are definitely my new favorite for sure.
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Variety of Clips!
The largest clip was the easiest to use. The medium clip is pretty flimsy felt like it could break easy and the smallest clip was not easy to handle when putting in hair. I would recommend if you had a certain outfit for a one time event. Not an everyday clip.
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Scunci Matte Claw Clips
Best hair clip on the market! Easy to use, hair doesn’t get tangled and they glide through hair. Doesn’t pull hair either. Will continue to purchase and use!
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Lovely clips! Great job Scunci!
I just love these clips made by Scunci! They are very durable looking and still stylish. I hope they don’t break as quickly as other clips do ( fingers crossed. I just adore the metal one although I wish that they would’ve had a silver option. That’s my favorite metallic color, but other than that I love these clips! I am definitely telling all my girlfriends about them!
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Sturdy and pretty
I love these clips. The colors are awesome a d there were 3 different textures that came in the package. The secured the hair properly without being too tight. Would totally recommend and will purchase.
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Awesome clips
These clips are so beautiful ans do exactly what they need to. Not only do they hold your hair but they are beautiful and stylish.
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So beautiful!
These hair clips are so beautiful and sturdy and i love the fact that they come in three different sizes and styles for every kind of hair.
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3 clips
Yes i absolutely loved each one of the clips that i was selected to test and review. I have long thick hair so i didn’t think they would work, including a picture of the smallest clip which held my hair for my entire 8 hour shift
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The best
I really like the style and quality of these clips. the colors go great with any outfit. I'm definitely buying more. This is a reliable brand, I will buy more. I'm recommending this to all of my friends.
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Secure Claws
These are AMAZING hair claws!! They hold tight without hurting your head or pulling any hair out. They are very sturdy and well made as well! I stepped on the smallest one by accident and it didn't even break!
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Game Changer Clip
The clips are the best I've ever used. I have real thick hair and they hold my hair in place very well. Metal clips are now my favorite and I live the colors. I don't have to worry about the clips pulling my hair or getting tangled. Very durable product. I let a friend use one and she went and bought a pack.
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Scunci Hair clips
They were pretty colors. I love rose gold. However, they just didn't sit firmly in my hair
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I love these claw clips
These are awesome and are so comfortable in my hair!! These are much different than any other ones that I've used. Great job!!
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