Scunci 3PK Cloud Claw Clip

4.6 5 0 159 159 </li><li> 3 cloud claw clips. </li><li> All hair, all-day hold. </li><li> Unique twisted metal design. </li><li> Silver-toned, gold-toned, and hematite metal. </li><li> Secure and stylish hold is gentle on hair. </li><li> Perfect for all hair types and textures.
Scunci 3PK Cloud Claw Clip


My review
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I liked the clips however I do wish that the size had been a little larger. Also the claw area that grips the hair wasn't very comfortable.
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Love these clips!
These clips are so cute and stylish! They add a little touch of elegance versus standard, plastic claw clips. I have thick, wavy hair and they can hold almost all of my hair comfortably, all day long.
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Hair Clips
They are amazing. I honestly didn't think that they would hold so tightly as that's my biggest issue with all hair clips. However, to my surprise, I never had to put it back in due to it feeling loose. I will definitely buy these and recommend them to everyone I know!
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I have just below shoulder length medium thickness hair right now. These metal scrunchi claw clips actually hold my hair pretty well. My favorite way to wear it is to make a messy mom bun & flip the bun up or down & claw in place. Holds it all day long. I would prefer a set without the gold color; maybe a set with gray, silver & black and a set with silver, gold & copper?
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One heck of a hold
These clips have one heck of a hold! I have thick wavy hair and when I hop out of the shower I'm always throwing my hair in a clip, most are plastic and end up chipping and breaking due to how heavy my hair is. These claws have been awesome at holding my hair all day long! The only con would be when sleeping in them, finding a claw clip that you can sleep in is like finding a unicorn. Hoping they can make future accommodations with these! Overall, fantastic hold ans all day last!
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Hair clips
Love the hair clips! They are small enough and especially love they are made of metal
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I really like these hair clips. I always tend to break the plastic ones but these are very durable. I also like how they come in different colors. I highly recommend these to anybody who hows looking for a clip that doesn’t break easily!
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Good clips
High quality hair clips that I enjoy! I would rebuy them because they feel like they will last long time. They are also likely very inexpensive. I would recommend them to anyone else.
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Scuni hair clips
I received and tried the clips they are pretty and durable. I used the in different hair styles it works better with wavy curly hair with straight hair the clips just fall
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My new favorite hair clips
I didn't think my medium length, thick hair would hold with these clips, but surprisingly they held my hair throughout the day. These are comfortable and perfect for work, errands or the beach. I recommend these clips and I'll definitely buy more.
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I absolutely love these clips.i usually have a hard time finding clips that will stay in my hair because my hair is extremely thin.but these do the job.they are very sturdy. A bit heavy but not to heavy for my head.and they dont fall out even when I'm jumping around or running for any reason.i love the color choice as silver and to match everything. They've come in very handy for me.i absolutely love these!
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I love Claws!@#
In my opinion I like how they come in different tones. With silver and gold you can do just about anything and wear it with anything. If you use them in thinner older hair and it has no body then it just falls out because the weight of it. I loved the fact. I could use it in my long, thick curly, hair and it not fall out I loved that!!!
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Strong hold
These claw clips are so cute yet they pack power due to their metal design. My hair doesn't fall out and I'm confident to say that it will stay up in these clips for hours unlike the cheap plastic ones. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that when taking the clip out, I need to be careful that it doesn't get tangles in my hair. The metal in the middle where the spring is, snagged my hair once and it wasn't pleasant. Other then that, these are well made, cute design and super sturdy!!
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Not applicable
Never received this product and unable to review it.
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Hair claw clip
Overall I lived hair claw clip. It was very sturdy and strong. I have long hair and other clips usually breaks due to my hair weight. Would definitely buy in the future.thank you
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