Root Boost Volume Powder with Amaranth & Rice Protein

4.9 5 0 15 15 A root-volumizing powder that adds volume and texture while absorbing excess oils that weigh down hair.
Root Boost Volume Powder with Amaranth & Rice Protein


Great for lift
I love a good volumizing and root lifting product and this one is just that. It gives the hair enough grip to help hold volume and style and I love that it's better for the environment than the spray version.
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Long lasting hair volume
This is my number 1 go to product for volume and it lasts all day! Does not dry out my hair or leave residue like others have. Just wish it came in a bigger size
My new favorite
My hair is so straight and lacks volume so this product has been fantastic! It’s so much better than dry shampoo really gives my hair that added styling and volume boost after blow drying!
It works
Having thin hair, this product worked. It gave me the volume I needed, and last a long time! Even I had added a little.too much it never got hard or matted. If you have thin hair, try jt!
Love love love this!!!
This has been a total game changer for my thin, limp hair! I use at my roots Before I dry my hair, it gives me so much volume.
One of the best volume powders
This is the best in my opinion for three reasons; you need a little bit for desired results, it’s all day volume that really lasts until your next wash and it washes out easily. If your looking for one volume product let this be the one you try.
My Hair More vibrant Looking
After using thin product my hair is more vibrant looking. This was after I had my hair trimmed. Even better if you have long hair. I would definitely recommend this hair care product.
Great for thin hair
This product has surprisingly amazed me. I have been suffering from hair loss and this has finally helped me get the volume and fullness I need to make my hair look good. It absorbs excess oil but does leave a residue if you don’t take time to rub it in well. Great ingredients and no nasty chemicals to damage my hair in the long run, I’ll definitely be buying more
Great stuff!
This worked great for my fine, thin, hair! I really liked it.
Love it
Absolutely loving this!! I have dark hair and it leaves a bit of residue but all I have to do is really work it in with my fingers! One of my favorite new products!
Root Boost Volume Powder with Amaranth
This is Vegan and Good for my Color Care and Good for Volume, Clean and Good for my Oily Scalp and easy to apply and portable and does not irritate plus smells good and leaves no residue
Great for thin hair!
I have thin hair and this product is great and helps with hair grown also!
Good But Not My Favorite
I first learned about root boosting powder when I was losing my hair due to a thyroid surge. The right powder creates a miracle illusion of volume and fullness. I have continued to use the power for years since my hair grew back because I love the look so much. I have two favorite brands, but they are pricey so I tried this more affordable option. It is good, but not great compared to the other two. The main issue for me is the weight. It's a bit heavier than what I'm used to, but I have have very fine hair. I don't know that this would be an issue for people with thicker hair. It absorbs oil well though and it doesn't have a bad scent. I'd definitely buy it again if I wanted to save some money on hair products and I would just use a lot less of it. I would recommend, but mostly to those with "regular" or thicker hair.
I used the pre wash My hair was made soft and the product took out my frizziest for a couple of days !! I liked the texture it gave my hair. I do recommend it for thick hair

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