Member’s Mark 24-Piece Glass Food Storage Set by Glasslock

4.9 5 0 413 413 "Set includes: One square 0.6 cup container with lid Two square 1.7 cup containers with lids Two square 3.8 cup containers with lids One square 7.0 cup container with lid One rectangle 0.6 cup container with lid Two rectangle 2.0 cup containers with lids Two rectangle 4.1 cup containers with lids One rectangle 7.3 cup container with lids Four-latch polypropylene lids Clear design makes it convenient to identify the contents"
Member’s Mark 24-Piece Glass Food Storage Set by Glasslock


Convenient Eco-friendly
These glass storage containers are excellent. They are made out of glass, which is great. There's no plastic residue and they serve for years, which is great for the environment. Less trash happier ecosystem.
Meal prep has nothing on me now. They are perfect to keep leftovers produce and meat fresh for days which I absolutely love. They are easy to clean aswell since I hand-wash everything
High quality must have
Super seal clamps keep your liquids safe & secure within the durable glass. The clamps maintains longterm usage. Affordable, substainable, always in stock. It's a great feeling being able to trust a meal container to ensure nothing seeps out & maintaining freshness. Durable thick glass proven to withstand my wreakless childrens distruction when dropped these and they have withstood The test of time unlike similar brands. These are great for holding it soup like consistency, such as aju sauce for italian beef sandwiches. Quick convenient Affordable! Best of all is the convenience, after being washed and dried the lid snap directly onto the container thus eliminating the hassle of lost lids, unorganized, messy cabnets. I absolutely recommend these for a Liquid as it keeps it locked in qithout a mess. I WOULD LOVE THESE IN BULK FOR SNACK SIZE PROPORTION CONTROL AND TRAVEL DIPPING SAUCE CUPS.
I have these in my cabinet! When I use them they stack well in the fridge!
Good quality
I love these glass storage containers! They’re perfect for food prepping, freezing and warming. I definitely prefer the glass ones over plastic since they can be placed in the microwave but also because the greasy ones are easier to wash!
Get it.
I have this, but it’s a plastic version because I have young children at home. This is so helpful in terms of organizing my kitchen essentials.
Great for meal prep. Feel expensive
Perfect for meal prepping. They feel much more expensive than they are. Recommend.
Right on the Mark
This is a great set of glass food storage containers. I love seeing exactly what is in it without having to open every container to find what I'm looking for. The lids are very nice, snug and airtight. They stack well and look great. This set runs on the small side, knowing this beforehand I wasn't disappointed. Looking for a set of larger containers, they are great.
Love these
I absolutely LOVE these bowls, I use them for leftovers, very durable, and they come in all different sizes. Highly recommend
Very convenient
These containers are very durable and can be used in the refrigerator and microwave. I have had a set for a few years now and they are still going strong. The rubber did not get lose and there are no visible wear and tear.
A definite must have!
These are sooo awesome. They don’t retain odors and are super easy to wash. I would recommend these to anyone!
Love love love
Bought on clearance one year and fell in love. Would definitely buy again and recommend to friends and family.
Best containers ever
I absolutely love these containers! I have bought two sets over the years. I prefer these over plastic because they don't stain or retain odors! Very durable and easy to clean. The lids create a tight seal so no spills or leaks! HIGHLY recommend!!
Love theses containers!
These are easy to clean, keep food fresh and no more messy cluttered cabinets!
a great value for the money
This glass food storage set is a great value for the money. The containers are sturdy, leak-proof, and microwave-safe. The lids snap on securely and have a nice color variety. The set comes in different sizes and shapes to fit any food. I use them daily for meal prep and leftovers.

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