Member’s Mark 24-Piece Glass Food Storage Set by Glasslock

4.9 5 0 284 284 "Set includes: One square 0.6 cup container with lid Two square 1.7 cup containers with lids Two square 3.8 cup containers with lids One square 7.0 cup container with lid One rectangle 0.6 cup container with lid Two rectangle 2.0 cup containers with lids Two rectangle 4.1 cup containers with lids One rectangle 7.3 cup container with lids Four-latch polypropylene lids Clear design makes it convenient to identify the contents"
Member’s Mark 24-Piece Glass Food Storage Set by Glasslock


I bought them for my husband to take to work,Love these since they really do not leak. I haven't carried soup in them, but have not had leaks with food that has sauce,easy to clean .
What an upgrade!
No more hard to clean, and stained Tupperware. I absolutely love these containers and I’m so happy that I switch to glass. They are dishwasher, safe, easy to store, and our way better for the environment.
Good Quality Product
I love that these are glass so I don't have to worry about plastic and reheating. Also the snap lid creates a great seal!
So good!
very nice quality and great storage holders! it holds all my food that i need ro pack lunches for my children and overall keeps my fridge nice and clean, which i love cuz im a clean person! Lol. Would reccomend buying.
Food storage
So this product is by far my favorite. I feel safer using these to store food than plastic tupperware. I'm not scared of microplastics or tainting food when heating up in the microwave in this container
excellent holds foods no leaks.
holds food the best out of any type of containers i would recomend to everyone
Glass containers.
4 years back purchased. Healthier Meals and a More Organized Kitchen All the pieces in this set are safe to use in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, oven and dishwasher, so they're with you at every step of the cooking process. Their clear glass design doesn't absorb odors and makes it easy to see what foods you have to choose from. The glass containers even nest to save shelf space.
A Tight hold
It keep the food fresh hard to break it can take a good beating it does keep food and veggies fresh!!!!!!
Great quality for the price point
These storage containers are probably the best, non-brand containers I’ve purchased. They are durable, easy to clean and have held up for over two years. The lids provide an airtight seal that help maintain my food, fresher longer. They are truly dishwasher safe and unbreakable. Definitely a great buy.
I hate using plastic anything. Stays greasy and just make you sick thinking about whats been left behind. Having glass feels so much more sanitary and with these ita plus that they are elegant looking and heavy duty as well!
Love it
I hate using plastic and need glass for meal prep. These are perfect size, clear and I am more impressed with the shape. Love it
Tidy food storage
It's been years since I have bought storage containers. I finally got tired of how my fridge looked so I came across these at sams club while grocery shopping. I love the clear glass and how beautiful and organized my fridge looks now. They are a decent size for left over meals or to simply use for storage.
Love these!
I have many sets of these. They always seal tight and have never broken after many uses. Dishwasher safe and have never had issues with melting of warping. Lots of different sizes!
Excellent food packaging
This packaging containers for food come in hand after left overs or when you need to carry food anywhere
These are great love the different sizes it offers and they don't get stained with things like spaghetti, soups or ketchup like the plastic tuba wear do. They're so easy the wash and I can actually see what's inside without having to open them. Which makes my kids and husband more likely to eat the leftovers.

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