Kloudic Portable Fan

3.8 5 0 127 127 Are you an environmentalist? Do you want to save some money and energy? If so, this por--misting cooling fan is for you. Very low energy consumption, only small evaporative cool mist fan to replace a freon air conditioner can meet your personal necessary, Three wind speeds (high, medium, low) can be adjusted, the maximal fan rotating speed reaches 4000RMP, and the maximum wind speed reaches 3.5m / s.. The compact size designed for personal use, the cooling effect may be impacted if placed far away. but it can swings 60 or 120 degrees . You can control the wind direction as you like and create a bigger own personal comfort zone. Our products also can be added with ice cubes and essential oils. And add ice cubes to the water tank add essential oils to the sponge, the wind will be cooler and smell good.
Kloudic Portable Fan


Great for Outdoors Activities
Having children that are actively involved in sports activities all year long, including those dreadful hot summer days, this cooling fan worked awesome for on the go, softball tournament weekends. I had been looking for such fan but only could find the little portable hand held kind. I loved how this cooling fan was large enough to cool multiple people at one time but small and compact enough to pack and tote to all of my summer activities.
Cool fan
This fan does an okay job cooling me when I am sitting by my desk. I would have liked the noise level a little lower.
great fan
I bought this fan for work because it can get a little warm at the desk. this is perfect. It isn't very loud and gives off the right amount of coolness. it is a great size and fits perfectly in my bag
Short battery life
Let me begin by saying there were some things I liked and something else I did not like. Let's start with the pros: *d like the fact that it was portable that's very handy *I like the fact that ice could be add ice to the top to help cool the air even more * I love the fact that you could have essential oils for some aromatherapy. H ere are the cons * it didn't really efficiently cool "It had an extraordinarily short battery life *t was loud , although for me that's okay because I like the White noise effect, but folks should be aware of it ahead of time because it was a bit loud ultimately I don't know that I would recommend this product to anybody else and I can't see me buying it again because it just didn't work efficiently enough.
indispensable part of my daily routine
I recently purchased a portable fan, and I must say it has been a game-changer for me. This little gadget has made a significant impact on my daily life. Here's why I love it:Compact and Lightweight: The portability of this fan is unmatched. It easily fits into my bag or even my pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go cooling.Multiple Speed Settings: The fan offers a range of speed settings, allowing me to customize the airflow to my preference. Whether I need a gentle breeze or a stronger airflow, it's got me covered.Quiet Operation: This fan is surprisingly quiet. I can use it in libraries, offices, or even in bed without disturbing anyone around me. It's a true relief during hot summer nights.Long Battery Life: The battery life is impressive. I can use it for hours on a single charge, which is ideal for outdoor activities or long commutes.this portable fan has become an indispensable part of my daily routine.
Portable Fan with Some Limitations
I recently tried out the Kloudic Portable Fan and while it has some positive features, there are a few drawbacks to consider. On the upside, the fan is small, lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go. It also has three speed settings to choose from which is nice. However, I did find that the fan was quite noisy, even on the lowest setting, which was a bit of a nuisance. Additionally, the battery life is not very long, so it needs to be recharged frequently if you plan to use it for more than a short period of time. Overall, I would say that this portable fan is suitable for short-term use and may be a good option for those who need something compact and easy to carry, but it may not be the best choice for extended use.
Nice desk fan
I like that I can add ice water to this and the mist/ air is a bit more cool as it comes out. It’s more of a desk fan than an air conditioner. However, it does get the job done when it’s decently hot. I have a different brand but it’s the same item.
Cooling on the go
I take my fan every where. It is very nice. I love how cool it gets when I put the ice in it. I wish it blew harder but it is a nice fan.
Cool girl
I'm hot natured! My friend has this and I want one so bad!!!
Does not cool effectively
Cools with mist, so tends to make area more humid than comfortable
It's not that it didn't work okay. It's just that it was a little too small. This product is pretty good. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine because they have a smaller area in their house.
Cute Fan
This little fan is a cute accessory/noise maker but isn't the greatest of you need to cool off. If you want a light breeze before bed this is for you, but if you need to keep cool during the summer months, I would suggest a bigger fan
Could be better
It was not as powerful as I was hoping that it would be.
Not so cool!
I was not impressed by this product. The ice melts really fast without putting out much cold air. Then you have the tray full of the melted ice. I’d recommend something bigger!
Handy product
It's a great little fan works really great it's a great choice and wonderful product

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