Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

4.8 5 0 839 839 The Klondike Classic Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich & frozen dessert is the perfect creation of a creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two rich chocolate wafers. It’s simple, classic perfection that reminds you of the traditional vanilla ice cream sandwich you grew up loving. One bite, and you’ll be back in your summer memories of long, warm days, hanging out with family and friends, eating barbecue, and finishing off with a classic treat.
Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich


Klondike Ice Cream Bars
What's not to love?! These are the same delicious ice cream sandwiches we grew up eating and they are still delicious. Creamy vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie on the outside. Always will be a favorite!
pure goodness
We love this vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwich. It is the greatest of all time and Klondike's quality has not gone down throughout the many years that it has made this ice cream sandwich. Tastes excellent!
My family loves these ice cream sandwiches sometimes they are on sale at our neighborhood FRYSgrocery store. The chocolate cake outside the sandwiches are very very nice and the inside the vanilla ice cream is so creamy. It’s a good size ice cream sandwich so you might have cut in half for little children
If you like the usual rectangle ice cream sandwich with the chocolate flavored cookies and vanilla ice cream, you'll enjoy this thicker, square version by Klondike. The ice cream is smooth and creamy and the wafers are tasty. I don't buy ice cream often but my mother-in-law sends these over for my child every now and then and he enjoys them, too.
Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches
I love these Klondike ice cream sandwiches! They have a great chocolate cake sandwich and vanilla ice cream flavor. I like how these are easy to eat and don't make a mess.
These ice cream bars are delicious! They have a great vanilla flavor and are the perfect sized treat for a hot summer day. I would recommend!
Perfectly creamy vanilla ice cream with light chocolate sandwich makes this a delicious frozen treat
Classic and nostalgic
These are a childhood favorite and are still good as adults. A classic ice cream sandwich. I like the fudgy chocolate outer layer and soft ice cream inside. They could be better quality, but at the end of the day, they are a simple ice cream sandwich.
These ice creams are so good. Klondike is amazing and offers a premium flavor and product. I highly recommend these. Wish they were a bit better price but still Worth it. Great ice cream!
A classic that cant be duplicated
It's the OG of Ice Cream Sandwiches! Always good, brings back memories of many years ago. Just enough to satisy the ice cream craving.
Aiskrim sandwich
Aiskrim sandwich ni dah jadi salah satu favourite sebab sedap gila. Lemak berkrim dan pastinya ketagih. Wajib ada stok dalam peti ais. Harga pun berpatutan dengan aiskrim. Boleh repeat selalu aiskrim ni. Sedap dooh!!
I grew up eating Klondike bars with my grandparents and these are also delicious! They have that classic ice cream sanding flavor and texture but they are even a little more delicious in my opinion.
Ice Cream Sandwich
Good size for kids and adults, love the shape. It has that super soft cookie just like any other brand.
Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich are delicious and are amazing for birthday parties ,no more scooping boring Ice cream out of the container for parties no more, everyone loves them
Perfect treat
he Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich is a classic indulgence that never fails to satisfy my sweet cravings! The rich and creamy vanilla ice cream nestled between two perfectly soft and chocolatey wafers creates a heavenly combination. What sets Klondike apart is the quality of their ingredients – the ice cream is lusciously smooth, and the chocolate wafers provide just the right amount of crunch. The individually wrapped packaging makes it convenient for enjoying this delicious treat anytime, anywhere. Whether as a dessert after dinner or a delightful snack, Klondike Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich is a timeless favorite that brings joy with every bite. If you’re a fan of classic, scrumptious ice cream treats, look no further than Klondike!

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