Kellogg's Krave Breakfast Cereal

4.6 5 0 1243 1243 Crafted for chocovores, Kellogg's Krave Chocolate breakfast cereal is a distinctly delicious combo of crunchy multigrain cereal shells and filling made with real chocolate. A good source of 8 vitamins and minerals, Kellogg's Krave Chocolate breakfast cereal is a yummy way to start the day. Not just for breakfast, Kellogg's Krave is a tasty addition to any meal or snack any time of the day. Enjoy as a well-deserved snack at the office, take as an afternoon pick-me-up, reenergize with a post-workout treat, and indulge in a late-night bowlful of sweet, crunchy cereal. Kellogg's Krave Chocolate breakfast cereal also makes a scrumptious addition to homemade trail mix—the delicious options are endless. Pack some in a plastic bag for lunch boxes and busy, on-the-go moments. Just add your favorite dairy or nut-milk or enjoy as a crispy treat straight from the box.
Kellogg's Krave Breakfast Cereal


My boys love this cereal!
I have to buy 2 family size boxes of this cereal every time I go to the store, one for each of my boys because they do not want to share. This cereal is definitely KRAVE worthy to my kids, they eat a bowl of this everyday they get home from school. I personally like eating it plain without any milk, I enjoy the crunchiness paired with the rich, creamy milk chocolate. I wouldn't recommend this as a breakfast cereal because of the chocolate factor, it's more of a after school/ after dinner snack. Overall, this is an incredibly delicious cereal and a must-have in my home!
Our household choices
Kellogg's Krave Breakfast Cereal has become a morning favorite in my household. The unique concept of chocolate-filled cereal squares is a delightful twist on traditional breakfast options.What stands out most is the perfect balance of sweetness. The outer cereal layer provides a satisfying crunch, while the inner chocolate filling adds a burst of indulgent flavor without being overly sugary. It manages to be a treat without compromising nutritional value.The versatility of Krave is another highlight – it's great with milk, yogurt, or even enjoyed on its own as a snack. The resealable packaging helps maintain freshness, ensuring each bowl is as delicious as the first.Kellogg's commitment to quality is evident in the consistency of Krave's taste and texture. It's a reliable and convenient choice for busy mornings, satisfying both kids and adults alike.If you're looking to add a bit of excitement to your breakfast routine
Frightening how delicious this is
These are absolutely delicious and really kill your chocolate craving. I don't know that I have a satisfied after breakfast feel when I eat them but they're amazingly chocolatey and delicious. I'm afraid to look at the calories I can only imagine.
Surprisingly good
I must say this cereal is surprisingly delicious, we out cereal lovers and pretty picky when it comes down to it but, I got it on sale at our local Albertsons and had a coupon so paid barely anything for it, figured why not give it a try and I’ve been a regular devoted purchaser ever since and so glad I made that purchase.
It’s alright
I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Krave cereal. It was overly sweet and the chocolate didn’t have the best of flavors.
When Krave first hit the market and my family tried it we were hooked. It is so good! The outer shell is a very light kind of breading that really softens up when in milk. The inside is the right amount of chocolate without being too much. I buy this cereal as a special treat for my kids and they love it.
If you like boxes
The first time I tried Krave cereal, I immediately thought it tasted like I was chewing on a cardboard box. The second time I tried eating Krave, it was no better. The grain filled squares have absolutely no flavor, like a cardboard box. The chocolate filling in the squares is the only thing remotely enjoyable about this cereal. If you’ve got a bite bigger than a couple squares, be prepared to have the roof of your mouth obliterated worse than when eating that Captain’s yellow cereal.
Cereal with Chocolate - YUM
I am 61 years old. It's been a few minutes since I had this cereal. But I wanted to give a review on it as I thought it was spectacular. I eat ALL my cereal dry - right out of the box. This cereal has an awesome taste. Just because I can't eat them doesn't mean other people shouldn't. I do feel they have a lot of sugar - but what item tastes this good if it doesn't have sugar? If you are trying not to give your family a lot of sugar - don't buy it. But you will be missing out on a great product.
I like it soggy !
I like these a lot but as the title mentions, I'm a weirdo. I like to let them sit and soak up the milk for a couple minutes and soften up some. I don't like when it scratches up the roof of my mouth. Chocolate is my favorite Krave by far!
Similar to kashi squares and chocolatey
Love how this is similar to kashi squares, but cheaper and just as chocolatey. Trusted brand, high quality, and super tasty Feel good serving this to my kids and myself!
Very Unpopular Opinion
I’ve tried these twice but I am not a fan of the taste at all. They taste more artificial than most cereals, and I could never finish a bowl of them. They aren’t too sweet by any means but the flavor leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Its okay
My kids and i tried this cereal and its not bad, not delicious but its okay
Very good but too expensive
The krave chocolate cereal is pretty good but the outside part of the cereal leaves a weird film like cover in my mouth and idk what it is. Also they are too expensive to compete with other cereals like lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch. I would suggest making big value boxes and also consider makin some soft cookie covered chocolate ones. I liked the cookie dough flavored box but I think a soft cookie baked around the chocolate filling would be even better. I hope my opinion is taken into consideration.
Kids fav
My girls absolutely love this cereal. Everytime we go to the store, that's what they pick out.
Krave cereal
I love this cereal because of the chocolate inside the crispy shell! Definitely something to buy if you like chocolate for breakfast! No improvements needed! Yes would definitely recommend it!

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