Entenmann's Little Bites Fudge Brownie Mini Muffins 5 pouches 9.75 oz

4.7 5 0 1473 1473 Entenmann’s Little Bites muffins are baked soft and moist and are the perfect size to pop on the go, or they can be enjoyed with a glass of milk after school. Each pouch contains four muffins, which makes them just the right size for lunch boxes. While they are perfectly portioned for kids, they are also great to serve along with coffee or tea as an afternoon pickmeup for adults. Packing a pouch of Little Bites snacks anytime or anywhere will keep moms and kids smiling together. The sealed pouch keeps them moist and delicious until you’re ready to enjoy the freshbaked taste. Entenmann’s bakery quality products have been satisfying those with a sweet tooth for over 120 years. With a wide variety of delec-- desserts like cupcakes, muffins, cookies, snack pies, cakes, danishes, doughnuts, and more, everyone’s got a favorite.
Entenmann's Little Bites Fudge Brownie Mini Muffins 5 pouches 9.75 oz


Yummy on the go snack
Entenmann's Little Bites are pretty much a staple in our pantry. They are perfect for an on the go breakfast when we’re running late for school, but they’ve also been tasty as a midnight snack! The Fudge brownie flavor is my absolute favorite!
Fudge Brownie
I love these little fudge brownie bites! They are a great size for a snack and have a delicious chocolate flavor. I like to pack these in the lunch bags for the kids. They also ask for me to buy again!
There a tasty snack
These Little Bites are good to have around for a treat and snacking on something good. My grandkids love them a lot. i buy them mostly to satisfy them when they want something quick.
Tastes good
While these brownies are tasty, they do not justify their price. At approximately $4 per box for five packets of 2-3 brownies each, they contribute more to landfills than they do to satisfying my appetite. I expect more from each serving. I would prefer to bake a whole pan of brownies myself rather than buy these again.
Little Bites
We love the brand - they have several options and these taste much better than knock off versions. You get what you pay for and these are so yummy and worth the extra penny!
Not Bad, Not Great
They're kind of tasty, but they're usually also pretty dry. The price is usually too high so I'm only willing to buy them when they're on sale because of the convenient packages.
Kids Snack Favorite
I buy these for my kids for snack and they enjoy them . They are soft and very tasty.
These are very good !. My Gtanddaughter loves.them. they are fresh and chocolateity. These packages come with just a few so you will not over eat. I love them !!
delicious and make me feel like a kid again. moist and dense and full of chocolate flavor! also so fun to pop into my mouth!
So delicious, a pantry staple!
I grew up with these brownies being a special treat in my lunch box. I am so glad the recipe has stayed consistent over the years. It is the perfect portioned snack pouch to satisfy that sweet craving. Delicious then, delicious now!
me and my kids love these. you cant just eat one you have to eat the whole box with your kids lol. i got 3 kids plus myself so the box is gone after it gets opened. so fudgy and sweet.it hits the spot. so worth the money to enjoy this in your mouth. yessss
Best mini brownies!
I absolutely love these mini muffin brownies. They are very convenient to pack for my for my son’s lunch & even to take on the go for family road trips. They are very moist & fresh every time I purchase them. I wish they came in a larger size!
These are good
I like these for on the go, they're a nice snack when you want something sweet but dont want to make a whole pan of brownies. The only way to make these better is to have adult size potions.
Little bites
I love the flavor of these little bites. Actually I don't think there isn't one flavor of the little bite muffins that I don't like. The quanity though is my complaint. There is not enough in the individual bags usually 5 bite sized muffins for one and there is only 4 bags in the box. For the price is it worth it? Ehh not really, but they do taste good.
I love the little Bites products. The brownie ones are one of my favorites!

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