Dr. Teal’s Coconut Oil Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

4.9 5 0 605 605 Dr. Teal’s Coconut Oil Soaking Solution combines pure epsom salt (magnesium sulfate USP), which has long been known to revitalize tired, achy muscles, with nourishing coconut oil to help provide ultimate skin nutrition. Coconut oil essence creates a blissful soaking experience to soothe the senses and help provide relief from stress.
Dr. Teal’s Coconut Oil Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution


Leaves you feeling pampered
Smells great and not too strong. My skin feels so soft and relaxed after using it. Definitely leaves you feeling pampered. It would be great if they didn't use artificial fragrances.
Best epson salt
By far the best epson salt procduct on the market!!!! It smells good and helps soften my water and I have really hard water.
A vacation for your muscles
I love Dr Teal's epsom salts for my achy muscles and joints, but I usually buy the lavendar version. I saw this one for the first time and I love all things tropical so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! The scent is so relaxing for your senses while the solution is relaxing for your body. It's like a mini-vacation in my bathroom!
Love this brand
I love the smell. It’s not too overwhelming which is great because I get a headache when the scents are too strong. I do always end up having to really moisturize after using bath salts just cause they dry out my skin quite a bit. I do love this product tho just for the fact that the scent isn’t too strong.
Works great
Put this in a pot with water and soak my feet. I walk over 9000 steps a day by end of the week my feet ack. Helps feet feel better and works great with ingrown toenails before they get infected.
Lightly scented,yet still wonderful. It's great for sensitive skin, I even use it when my babies have a diaper rash. It soothes sore muscles. It hydrates and smoothes dry, dull skin. This is the best Epsom salt to enhance bathtime
Amazing for a chronic pain patient
I live in 24/7 Chronic Pain and Chronic Illnesses like fibromyalgia. Epsom Salt is an essential part of my “tool box” of things that help reduce some of my pain, stress and people with fibromyalgia need magnesium. My favorite Epsom Salt brand is Dr. Teals. I like using this coconut one in the winter months to help keep my skin moisturized. It’s a great stress reliever as well. I highly recommend using Dr. Teals Epsom Salt’s.
Love it!
I absolutely love epsom salts. This one is one of my favorites. Smells amazing and leaves skin feeling clean and smooth.
Soft and calming aroma
I love the soft and calming mellow coconut smell. I'm an older woman so getting in a bathtub full of Dr Teal's epsom salt makes my body feel so calm and it relaxes those tight muscles.
Leaves my skin so silky!!!
I love the smell of coconut - this isnt overpowering but just right. It's relaxing and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and so soft!
Coconut oil
This is such a great scent. So relaxing after a long day at work. It desolves in warm water in the bath. Great for muscle relaxation and good for minor aches and soreness.
Dr. Teals are the best!
In my house we use quite a bit of epsom salt. For relaxing, sore muscles and aches and pains. This coconut oil soak is my go to for relaxation. It smells nice, and leaves my skin super soft afterwards . I always feel renewed after using this!
Self-Care Must Have!
"Discover the epitome of indulgence with . Immerse yourself in a bath of pure sophistication, where every moment is a timeless embrace of serenity and refinement. Let the rich minerals envelop you in luxurious tranquility, leaving your skin soft, your spirit rejuvenated, and your senses captivated by the allure of opulence."
A luxurious Bath!
I love Dr. Teals! I have always loved taking bath and using this epson salt has elevated my bath to the max! It feels so relaxing and has a very nice scent. Not only does it help you relax but it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated after your bath! I 100% recommend.
Makes for a luxurious bath time
I love this stuff! I’ve tried every single variety and this is one of my favorites. The coconut oil smells nice and leaves my skin feeling extremely soft.

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