Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Pomegranate & Rose Water Scent, 24 fl oz

4.8 5 0 795 795 Just because a dishwashing liquid is tough on grease doesn't mean it has to be hard on your hands. Get the great grease-fighting power of Dawn in a soap that is easy on skin. When you want a thorough clean that's easy on hands, tough on grease, get Dawn Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap. With 50% less scrubbing* (*vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated), Dawn dishwashing liquid dish soap works harder so you can get back to spending quality time with your family. Dawn dishwashing liquid dish soap is Americas #1 Dish Liquid* (*based on sales). <li>Easy on Hands, Tough on Grease <li>50% Less Scrubbing (vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated) <li>America's #1 Dish Liquid (Based on Sales) <li>Exotic Pomegranate & Rosewater scent</li>
Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Pomegranate & Rose Water Scent, 24 fl oz


This is my go to
I love anything Dawn, especially cause of their cute duck commercials. I use this brand soap in my household. I would recommend to anyone, I believe it is fine the way it is.
Dawn is the best!
Dawn is my go-to dish soap! I can always guarantee that it will get my dishes clean and it stays nice and sudsy on the sponge where it doesn't feel like I have to keep adding more. The scent of this one is also so nice and a nice change than their regular version.
Always cuts the grease
Dawn has always been my go to dish detergent. It always cuts the grease and oil and gets the dishes clean with just a small amount on a sponge. For baked on stuck foods just a few drops and soak for a little bit and it cleans right off. The scent is always pleasant as well.
great smell
I love this soap. The scent is amazing. it is so fresh and clean. It also makes my skin feel soft after washing the dish. it does break up grease really well in the pans. love this stuff
My favorite dawn!!
I actually prefer this over the traditional blue liquid Dawn sells. This has a subtle Pom and Rose smell that makes your hands smell great long after your done with the dishes. I also find it has the same great grease fighting action as the regular blue one. This is in our cabinet all the time!!
So great on my hands
This is a great product! I love the scent! I also love how it's easy on my hands! Only reason for 4* is I do have to let heavy soiled dishes soak or whip out the power wash. Regular dishes such as cups etc are fine but I wouldn't expect a lot out of pots and pans
More of Roses
It smells amazing, but I do smell more rose than pomegranate, but I do enjoy this product and how it lathers up with very little products used. I also think it is decently priced.
Dishwashing Bliss
Dawn knows your kitchen deserves a hint of luxury, and this soap is like a breath of pomegranate and rosewater freshness. Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean is like the pampering session for your skin, leaving your hands soft and nourished even after a sink full of dishes.
Clean your dish
Like it clean your dish and pant good love it like it
Grease Fighting
Removes grease from dishes leaving them squeaky clean. Smells great and and gentle on hands.
Dawn is the best!
All the amazingness of original, Dan, plus the amazing flavor of pomegranate!
Gentle On My Hands
My dishwasher recently broke down, so I have been washing dishes by hand regularly. I just love how pleasant the smell of this Dawn Dish Soap smells! The Pomegranate is so prominate, energizing and refreshing! I mostly love how gentle this formula is on my hands. I am washing dishes constantly and using this dish soap, my hand are so soft and the formula really helps to keep my hands moisturized. This formula also helps to break down hard, stuck on food, so I can complete the job quicker and more efficiently. The packing is also one of my favorites, it's so eye-catching and pretty, it looks nice on my counter. Overall, I would recommend this Dawn dish soap, it has been a lifesaver for my hands!
Great dish soap
This stuff smells so good, it makes me excited to wash the dishes. It doesnt dry my hands out super bad either. A little goes a long way. I would definitely recommend this product.
Always keep dawn in my house
John isn't always has been my number one brand and dishwashing detergent. I've always found it to work the best out of all of the leading brands. I was somewhat skeptical of this new dawn simply because I wasn't convinced that it would work as well as originals on. Well I was pleasantly surprised because it works great with even some side benefits that I wasn't necessarily expecting. One of those benefits was the nourishing quality that this particular brand of Don offers my skin. I'm telling you my hands are more moisturized than they were before I begin using this product. And then there's the scent, I am a sucker for lovely smells and this one smells great. I'm happy with this product and I highly recommend it to anybody who has dishes or who needs to wash other things around the house.
Beautiful Scent
This dish washing soap is gentle on hands but tough on grease, just as advertised. The subtle scent is not overbearing but leaves a nice inviting fragrance.

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