Crayola 18ct Washable Paint Set for Kids

4.7 5 0 427 427 Unleash your child’s imagination with this set of Washable Paints from Crayola. Includes 18 compartments of Washable Kids Paint and a Paintbrush. These Water Based Tempera Paints wash easily from hands, surfaces, and even clothing! Kids can experiment with color and create stunning masterpieces, and you won’t have to worry about stubborn stains, marks, or messes. Even better, painting helps develop fine motor skills and teaches color mixing and blending. It’s the perfect kids painting set for arts and crafts, school projects, daycare activities, and more. Makes a great gift for creative kids! Safe and nontoxic, ages 3 and up.
Crayola 18ct Washable Paint Set for Kids


Crayola is a staple brand in my home. I get Crayola washable kids paint for my kiddos to use and I even make excuses to paint with them as well. The colors are great and so is the overall quality. The paint is affordable and a great way to encourage creativity.
Bright liquid watercolors
This paint set of Crayola comes with 18 bright colors including black, white and a small brush. It’s a good starter watercolor set for kids, good for small area but not very ideal as the kids use red, blue, brown and yellow a lot and those colors run out before others. The brush is almost useless, it’s too thin for little hands to hold, the brush bristle is stiff and can’t even draw thin lines. However it’s good for the price point, maybe throwing some activity for kids to play by themselves and not thinking too much about the result.
Easy to clean out of clothes. Keeps kids entertained for awhile. Subconsciously teaches them about colors and making new colors. Let's their creativity soar.
Helps them take baths
This fun toy brings my toddler to the bath and makes her want to stay in there
Bright and colorful
I ran a daycare for over 20 years and have used this paint many times. The Crayola brand is the best as far as the brightness of the colors. I've found nothing else compares. The only thing I don't really care about this pack is that when you open the plastic lid it doesn't really stay open far enough to prevent you from bumping it with your brush a lot.
Bright colors
The set comes with 18 vibrant colors, providing a wide range of options for my children's creative projects. The colors are bright and bold, perfect for catching the attention of young artists. The paint also has a smooth and creamy texture, making it easy for my kids to spread and blend on their paper. I appreciate that the paint is non-toxic, ensuring the safety of my children as they use it. It has a mild scent, unlike other paints that have a strong chemical smell. This makes it comfortable for my kids to use and doesn't give me a headache from the smell. One thing I love about this set is the packaging. The paints come in individual containers with secure lids, preventing any spills or messes. The containers are also stackable, making it easy to store and organize the paint set.
Craft paint a winner!
This product is perfect for simple crafts to paint with few more than basic colors needed. Would purchase again!
Great for kids crafts!
My kids love doing all sorts of crafts and are always asking to paint. I’m always worried because I know how much of a mess they can make, but this paint has never been an issue. It easily wipes off any surface, and washes out of their clothes but still does the job and has enough pigment to make their artwork look great! No complaints from mom and no complaints from kids! I have repurchase this item multiple times.
Decent for Kids
This paint is decent for young children as it definitely is washable and on paper does show up pretty well. They aren't too hard to open although I do feel like a toddler might struggle a bit. I do wish they opened up slightly more than they do but it didn't seem to bother my son too much. They close pretty well. You want to make sure to close them as they do dry out if left out too long (but add a little water to revive them. For what they are, they're good and easy to clean up if any mess occurs.
A good kit for a small project or just fun paint and paper. Definitely would make the lids easier to close.
My kids love this.
Amazing product for kids. My two girls had a blast painting with these. And if the make a mess, so what it just wipes up like nothing was even there. I would definitely recommend
Family fun
I really love sitting down with my nieces and painting with them. It reminds me of painting with my own children when they were small. Only now, not to hard to clean up the mess.
great with kids
My toddler loves to paint. but unfortunately he gets it everywhere. I really like this paint because it is easily washable and it cleans off his clothes very easily. that's a bonus
Great for Messy Kids
Crayola 18ct Washable Paint Set for Kids Is a need if you have kids that enjoy painting, but thing tends to get a bit on the messy side. It includes all the colors kids love and they can enjoy painting with these for a few hours
great fun for the little ones
the little one will enjoy this my 3 had a blast creating art.

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