Crayola 18ct Washable Paint Set for Kids

4.8 5 0 357 357 Unleash your child’s imagination with this set of Washable Paints from Crayola. Includes 18 compartments of Washable Kids Paint and a Paintbrush. These Water Based Tempera Paints wash easily from hands, surfaces, and even clothing! Kids can experiment with color and create stunning masterpieces, and you won’t have to worry about stubborn stains, marks, or messes. Even better, painting helps develop fine motor skills and teaches color mixing and blending. It’s the perfect kids painting set for arts and crafts, school projects, daycare activities, and more. Makes a great gift for creative kids! Safe and nontoxic, ages 3 and up.
Crayola 18ct Washable Paint Set for Kids


Always good quality
I'm always happy with Crayola quality. I've used these type of paints my whole life and they've always been great minus getting them open. There's always a mess but we've figured out ways to make it easier and less messy. The brush that comes with these is always lacking but we have a whole set of our own. Will definitely continue to use.
Easy clean up quality paint
I used this paint with my granddaughter to paint her first Mother’s Day card and it had vibrant colors and was very easy to clean up
Great For Kids and Parents
My son loves to paint and I love letting him be creative without having to worry about the mess. Easy to wash off if there are any accidents makes it more fun for both of us!!!
Kids paint
I love using this paint for my little one. When it inevitably spills and gets on the table or skin it's an easy and painless clean. Hours of fun with no headache
Good for you little Picasso
My kids love painting and these are great because they have so many color options. They're perfect to use on any type of paper and even rock. I don't have to worry if they get it on their clothes because it come off easily in the washer. They do tend to be a little hard to open. The first time my kiddos made a bit more of a mess then usual opening these. But it's fine because know they actually wait for me to open them and put some paint in their paint trays.
Really washable
I have a 1st grader who loves to paint and she loves to paint her hands, face and clothes more than the paper. I am glad that it comes off easily from all the surfaces. Also, the variety of colors is good and it gives her multiple shades to work with. However, the lids are a little frustrating and at times difficult to open.
Easy Clean up
My great grandson and I painted some bird houses this spring. When we were finished, the paint easily wiped up from the gals table with just a damp sponge. It also washed off our hands easily. Great product for kids.
Easy Cleanup
This product is great for kids. They love using it and the cleanup is very easy.
Nice set
I like this set because it comes with a variety of colors. It is a great purchase.
Great product, don't love packaging
The paints are great--easy-to-use consistency, strong colors. Love love love the easy cleanup since they're washable. It came off my countertop and the kids' clothes easily. My kids have successfully painted cardboard boxes, pieces of paper, rocks, & wooden birdhouses with this paint. However; I hated opening the lids on each paint. They're tough to open and, since they're connected, if you have several open and are trying to open another, they can splatter if you suddenly move or jerk the row of paint while opening. Very frustrating.
Crayola 18 color washable paint set has so many colors your little ones will be able to paint you the most pretty artwork. As they enjoy themselves you will have no worries if they get a little on themselves as it is washable. I would recommend.
School Project Master
This Crayola Washable Paint is super affordable and has a variety of beautiful colours to choose from,My brother's project hit top of the class because these are the only paints we use for school projects
Good for Kids
The paint can easily be washed from clothes, carpets, etc. There is a wide color selection of paint for kids to choose from. However, there’s not a lot of paint in each small tube.
Best washable paint
This is incredibly affordable and most importantly, WASHABLE. My little artist loves to paint daily. I snag this paint set about every 3-4 months. I usually grab this for her Easter basket, Christmas stocking, birthday gift, etc. We go through these A LOT!
Kids paint
This product is great to work with. My niece loves these and it easy to clean up after. It’s also easy to wash off the clothes I highly recommend it to anybody who loves to paint.

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