Violife Epic Christmas Platter

4.2 5 0 73 73 An essential for dairy-free seasonal celebrations, our Christmas Dairy-Free Platters are the perfect way to round off a plant-based Christmas feast. Choose between Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour, Epic Smoked Cheddar Flavour and Epic Cheddar Flavour Block with Garlic & Chilli block.
Violife Epic Christmas Platter


Christmas platters
Nice different kinds off cheese. Enjoy them
Absolutely loved this
As a family that can’t have dairy, we absolutely loved this cheese platter!! Maybe not to everyone’s choice, but we really enjoyed it - it was a really nice treat
Nothing special about these cheeses - OK at best. I wouldn’t buy again tbh. There are much better options available
Not too bad
Not bad don't like the blue cheese and very expensive
Good product
These were ok for over the Christmas even no they were dairy free
Not for me
I didn't particularly like this . Not to my taste
Did not like
These were ok but I wouldn’t re buy them very clumpy in your mouth
Nice but there’s better
The violife cheese is nice when it’s melted but I find the new cathedral city vegan cheese tastes more like actual cheese if you don’t want it to be melted
Wasn’t overly keen on it very bland was not for me
The king of vegan cheese
I've been a Vegan a long while now, before we even had our own fridge section, Violife was one of the first vegan cheese brands I'd ever tried, and one of the last, its incredibly tasty, versatile and not overpriced like some can be. There is a fine line between tasting like cheese or cheesy feet and Violife got it just right.
very good
Excellent product. Must try once in your lifetime. Good for daily use.
Nice product
Definitely the best vegan cheese iv tried and has a really nice creamy taste. Lovely.
Is really ready good product.
I'm so happy to try this product. I now Bay all the time. And recommend for my friend
Not my kind of taste
Was given these as a gift , i was very intrigued by the look and texture but i unfortunately didn't like it .
Yum !
I buy this for my mum all the time for diet not vegan but Iv eaten it many times and I think it's lovely cheese. Definitely the best vegan cheese iv tried and has a really nice creamy taste to it. Definitely recommend.

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