Richmond Meat Free Sausages

4.7 5 0 591 591 It's fair to say we know a thing or two about sausages… and we should do… we've been proudly making them for over 100 years! We have now created our very own meat-free sausages, staying true to our Irish recipe everybody loves. Seasoned Meat-Free Sausages made with Rehydrated Textured Soya and Wheat Protein.
Richmond Meat Free Sausages


Favourite meat free
Out of all the brands I have tried. These are definately my favourite meat free sausage brand. Great with sausage and mash.
My favourite veg option
Of all the many vegetarian sausages I have tried these have been the best. Definitely needs sauce like all but the texture is the benefit for the sausages. Recommend trying.
Great taste great price
I brought these as I was curious what they would taste like, especially being a meat eater. They were surprisingly tasty.
Meat free sausages
Not a fan. There are no taste at all. Really bad
Great Veg Option
A great veg option especially when you are on a meat free diet. Appreciate the initiative and the taste is great too.
Amazing substitute
This product is really good, the wife is vegetarian on Sundays and this is so ideal. It tastes like a real sausage and is full of flavour. I would tell anyone to give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Highly recommended.
A great alternative to meat
A good textured plant based sausage, great flavour. They exceeded my expectations in a number of ways and offered me an alternative that I could use when making homemade sausages rolls.
Hard to tell it’s not meat!
It tastes so similar to the original sausages. I love them
Best Meat Free Sausages on the Market
We love these sausages, we have tried many of the competitors available and none of them compare to these. They have the same smell, taste and texture of real meat. Our meat eating friends tried them and could not tell the difference. We now buy them in bulk.
Tastes great
Great product, couldn’t tell weren’t real meat and everyone loved them.
Love love love these
I use these every time I have sausages as my daughter is a vegetarian so we both have them. I personally prefer these to meat sausages. Any dishes that include sausages these are good for, very tasty, cook well and taste delicious.
These sausages are tasty. They sometimes do a special edition sage and onion flavour which I used alongside Christmas dinner.
Great sausages
It’s hard to find vegetarian sausages that are actually nice but these are lovely. Good value for money and good sized sausages too. Nice in casseroles too! Would recommend and will buy again.
Excellent meat substitute
Love these sausages. Not got a weird texture or taste like some meat free alternatives. Readily available from most supermarkets and very versatile. We buy whenever they are on offer
My go to sausage
Always pick Richmond. Good quality and you would think these were vegaterian.

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