Jord Organic Oat Drink

4.5 5 0 239 239 From Nordic nature, straight to your fridge. JÖRĐ Oat drink is 100% plant based and a dairy-free milk style drink. JÖRĐ Oat is kept simple with just four organic, all natural ingredients and no preservatives. JÖRĐ Oat drink is great in your coffee, tea, or cereal - use as you would with milk. Made from organic oats harvested by Nordic farmers, water, rapeseed oil and a pinch of salt, All natural ingredients - Organic oats and free from preservatives, Free from dairy and lactose free, Suitable for vegans
Jord Organic Oat Drink


Good not bad
It looks nice packaging is also good but to be honest I’m not fan of it
Jord organic
I I love the old organic Jord creamy taste and packaging but don’t like the new. Unfortunately I have tried the new Arla Jord and I’m not happy they have fortified it therefore losing its organic credentials and taste. It’s not the same. Sorry.
Lovely neutral taste to have with cereal or coffee
Lovely flavour and mouthfeel. Perfect for adding to cereal or a splash in your coffee. I love that the ingredient list is very short and no additives!!!
Creamy alternative to cows milk
This oaty substitute for cow's milk is good in cereal. It does work in tea but the oaty taste overpowers the tea flavour in my opinion. I continue to use it although I use regular milk in tea.
Lovely in coffee
I’d highly recommend this to anyone. I bought some to try in my coffee as a friends recommended it. There is no going back now. It makes my coffee nice and creamy with a hint of nutty bursting through. I love it!
Rich and creamy
I enjoyed this oat drink in my morning coffee! I personally thought that it was lovely and creamy! I also appreciated that it the drink didn’t split or curdle when boiled water was added as some alternative milk drinks do.
My favourite oat milk
We swapped from normal milk to oat milk when drinking tea and coffee and this is our favourite brand. It is not the most expensive oat milk but the quality is really good. It easted well with coffee and tea also
I love Jord
This is a great value oat milk. It mixes nicely into cereal, smoothies and tea and doesn't have that overly creamy taste that some oat milks have. It's very well priced for one of the best oat milks on the market.
Another choice
more taste than other brands we've tried and good texture, creamy and slightly sweet and I would go for oatly next time.
Consistency could be thicker
I tried this product after seeing it in Tesco for first time. Tasted ok but consistency is very watery. I prefer alpro.
Great for my son who is lactose intolerance
I was advised to change my son milk due to intolerance to dairy and this was perfect it stopped his upset tummy and rash
Okay milk alternative
I usually buy barista oat milk for my cup of tea, but I bought this the other day as it was on offer. It was okay in my cup of tea but it does not really compare to my usual oat milk. It was slightly watery and made my tea really frothy on top
I bought this to try because I’m always looking for healthy alternatives. This one has a nice consistency, it doesn't smell or taste terrible to me and it makes a good replacement for cows milk. The only downside for me is that it doesn't mix in well or smoothly with my tea.
Alright but not quite
I am always a bit disappointed by dairy milk replacements. As I drink milk plain the replacements are never that amazing. They often have quite a strong taste of their own which does not work well on its own. I would really love to reduce my dairy consume but need a really good replacement drink.
Nice alternative
Nice alternative to milk , tastes good aswell as pricing . I cannot have milk , so this alternative I use for shakes .

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