Snake Brand Relaxing Cooling Powder French Lavender

4.8 5 0 13 13 Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder features a relaxing lavender scent that is suitable for all-year-round use. The refreshing and soothing powder is effective in relieving itching, prick heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather. With its fresh scent of natural essential oil, it is perfect for daily family use.
Snake Brand Relaxing Cooling Powder French Lavender


Good product
This is one of the best cooling powders. It is very affordable and yet good to cool you down. I always have a small bottle in my office if the weather is very hot.
Trusted product
I cover my itchy cold rashes with this powder (instead of tacky moisturizer) and it did help take some itchiness away. Smells great and love the cooling sensation especially in hot and humid environment.
Touch of Lavender
Usual formula, still effective in relieving the rashes and skin discomfort. Adding french lavender is a wise choice, great enhancement to the classic powder smell of snakebrand
Old school with a hint
The formulae is same as their original product. But it comes with a hint of lavender smell. Great for rashes and it calms ur nerves as well.
Very cooling
This products makes me comfortable esp during hot weather. When I apply to my body it will makes me feel refreshed and have a cool feeling. I suggest to have a scent variation aside from lavender. Thanks
Best product on a tropical land
Best product to keep urself feeling cool and comfortable
Best cooling talcum powder
Finally can get this product in singapore. Have been using this brand powder (original)since i was young. But since i tried this lavender scent , loved it. Cooling yet leaving a very calming smell.
It kills the itch away
My children always have heat rashes on their neck and arms. Its lovable by my children and the best part is it helps to keep the children calm save me the hussle of smoothing them.
Snake brand
Use to bought this cooling powder everytime visited to Thailand. Now can get it in sg. like to use this powder for cooling at night and suitable for hot weather.
Snake relaxing powder
The best ever snake relaxing powder. Used it for my kids when they got rashes due to body heat and it works wonder.
Old but gold
The whole household been using this since we were young and it’s suitable for everyone! Has a refreshing lavender scent and this amazing soothing powder is effective in relieving itch, prick heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather! Can be used anytime all year round to keep you feeling fresh.
Prickly heat Talc Powder
Have been using this Prickly Heat Talcum Powder since last one plus year for my child. I noticed heat boils on his back and realized it was due to excessive sweating as he walks back home wearing school bag on his back. This powder came to our rescue and addressed the issue within a week. I used twice a day for my child. Now use it alternate day just as a precautionary measure. Very effective.
A great product
First and foremost this is the best cooling powder I’ve ever encountered. Been using this ever since my childhood days. The cooling sensation is bearable, not too cooling. Definitely will recommend to others

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