Ritz Toasted Chips Sour Cream & Onion Flavour

4.8 5 0 72 72 Ritz toasted chips are a crispy, crunchy twist on the classic cracker you know and love. Sour Cream and Onion flavour Ritz Toasted Chips are a wholesome snacking choice that's made with 40% less fat than leading regular fried potato chips. These mouthwatering chips come packed with the tangy taste of sour cream and onion.
Ritz Toasted Chips Sour Cream & Onion Flavour


Yummy and addicting
Crunchy bite-sized and well flavored pieces. Sometimes i get confused if i am eating potato chips or crackers. Yummy eaten on its own but yummier with cream cheese.
Surprisingly Awesome!
We saw this one in SnR and we bought it out of curiosity. We weren't expecting much of it because they are crackers and we are not fond of crackers in general but we love sour cream and onion flavour so we gave it a try and to our surprise, we love it very much as well as the kids. we also like the cheese flavoured one and I guess this is a whole lot better than potato chips? :)
I rarely eat chips or junkfood of any kind but this changed my mind!! I tried Ritz's Toasted Chips in both Cheddar and Sour Cream & Onion and I really like them both! (I love the sour cream better tho haha)
Less fat, more flavor
A perfect snack for someone who is in a diet. A great alternative for other sour cream crackers. A good snack for you and your kids. Very tasty and gives a great value for your money. Would definitely recommend!
Love crackers
I really love this brand. Very healthy especially for the kids who always craving for chips. This is the best alternative. Perfect while watching Netflix ☺️☺️
Alternative chips
Favorite of many children and it safe to eat a lot because its a small biscuits bites that is good for kiddos. They love the taste very much and it's very affordable to buy in any supermarkets
Perfect while watching your favorite series on netflix
i’m amazed on how it tastes because of its flavor, and it is guilt free because it’s a biscuit. i always share it with my brother hehehe we typically get scrimmage just to eat the last bite of this snack.
Ritz toasted chips
Delicious and I can't stop eating! I love this product because it is healthier than chips. I also love the flavor of sour cream. Everything is perfect and no need for improvement. I would recommend this to friends.
Light but tasty
This is such a tasty snack. It's like a combination between a chip and a cracker. Light and crispy but Not greasy. Go to snack by everymember of the family!
Very tasty
I like this combination of crunchy cracker and its flavor,,carry anywhere packet,the bite size of the crackers and the freshness,,,love its flavor so satisfying and enjoy each crunchiness
New Fave
I tried it and it was so delicious!! My hubby’s new fave snack!!!
I highly recommend this product as in the taste was so so so so Good as in Good super duper yummy delicious snacks
Perfect snack
I usually feel guilty when I eat chips, this is great alternative for a muncher like me. Not too salty as well❤️ I tried other flavors and I can completely say all are delicious. Go to snack for my parents who are elderly. I am glad that we can purchase it almost everywhere.
great taste for every age
i always buy this brand of crackers and this specific flavor. For me, crackers is way better than chips. specially for a mom like me who wouldnt want to give my child unhealthy snacks. this is a good option because it doesnt taste like a normal cracker which kids find really boring. they enjoy a flavorful taste like they are eating chips.
Chips madness
This snack is so addictive! The combination of toasted chips and sour cream flavor is heaven. Not just your ordinary snack, this one will not make you feel guilty.. It makes me crave more of it.. 😊😋

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