Party Kitchen Towel 2 Ply 85 Pulls

5 5 0 3 3 Party is the premium table napkin made from virgin fibers where softness and functionality mix to get all your party needs covered.
Party Kitchen Towel 2 Ply 85 Pulls


Party Kitchen Towel Review
The Party Kitchen Towel 2 Ply 85 Pulls is an absolute game-changer for any party host or hostess. With its durable two-ply construction and generous 85-pull count, this towel effortlessly handles spills and messes while maintaining its strength. Its vibrant and eye-catching design adds a festive touch to any occasion, making it the perfect accessory for parties and gatherings. Whether you're wiping countertops, cleaning up after guests, or simply adding a touch of style to your kitchen, this towel is a must-have. It's functional, reliable, and brings a pop of fun to any party atmosphere.
I can't leave without tissue inside my pocket and my bag.
Doesn't easily tear when used. I use not just on special events but as a must have on my kitchen

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