LACTACYD Baby Gentle Care

4.9 5 0 44 44 Lactacyd Gentle Care is specially formulated for new born to lids. With milk extract, it gently soothes, protect and preserves your baby’s delicate skin & hair. Keeping your precious one feeling soft, supple and smooth all over. Helps to soothe mild irritation and rash, and protect from harmful bacteria.
LACTACYD Baby Gentle Care


Lifelong Trust in Lactacyd:
A gentle yet efficient facial cleanser that has been my partner since high school. Lactacyd has been a trusted ally in my skincare routine since my high school days. Its gentle, mild cleansing properties make it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. It gets the job done without irritating my skin or causing rashes. I've even used it
mild and gentle wash
Tried this in all of my babies. Gives mild and gentle feeling when you touch their skin. It also protect and cleanse their sensitive skin. I recommend as body wash for aduladaduladult.
My baby's wash
I really like how gentle this is for my baby's skin. It give my baby smooth and nourished skin after bath. The smell is so mild and I like it. A good body wash for your little one.
Lactcid baby bath
I love it., I mean I raelly like it because it's conviniet to use and very gentle on babies skin
We're using this product for a decade not for the baby but for the whole family it so nice product
Life saver
Lactacyd baby is a real life saver my baby suffered from baby acne in her newborn stage and I have tried many products on her none of them mom recommended it works like miracle within minutes her baby acne subside.thank youuu lactacyd
Lactacyd Baby Wash Blue
This product is for baby but I'm using everyday. I'm feeling clean and fresh. I like the scent. I like most my skin is clear and need
I used LACTACYD baby for 3 months and find it very gentle on baby's skin. It has a nice scent too. I was very reluctant to buy at first because never heard or used an item in this brand other than feminine wash. But I'm glad that it has something for my mini me. The only thing I'm not satisfied with it is the price. It's too pricey for it's packaging size. Not enough for longer use.
Best for infants
Comparable in smoothness and gentleness to my current brand, but more affordable! This is recommendes even for newb
Gentle Baby Cleanser
Has a gentle scent which I like. Not sticky and easy to rinse off. Would be nice if they have a pump bottle for easy dispensing while bathing baby.
Best Buddy when your little one arrives
This is one of the must have while waiting for our little one. Aside from its affordable it has a mild scent that is safe to the baby plus it comes to a handy size while staying at the hospital. Hope to have more products for baby or scent that ww will choose from
Baby wash
Smells good and refreshing even after bath. It can make a lot of bubbles that my baby enjoyed.
Gentle and Effective!
My pedia recommend this product for my son's sensitive skin. It's affordable too compared to other products for sensitive skin. Very mild and effective to remove rash and my son feels refreshing too.
Soft and Kinis ang skin ni baby
For me the best so far na gamit for my baby legit ang soft and kinis skin ni baby. I tried other nothing compared to this one
Newborn soap
This was given as part of our delivery package when i had my baby given by the hospital. Its gentle to the baby’s skin but we had to change due to my baby’s eczema.

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