Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Long & Luscious Tri-Oleo Conditioner

4.9 5 0 229 229 It deeply nourishes the weakest areas of the hair fiber, restoring hair back to stronger, smoother, full of life.
Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Long & Luscious Tri-Oleo Conditioner


Creamsilk is my conditioner of choice
This is a great conditioner but I already switched to their triple keratin conditioner as it is really good. From this variant I would prefer the pink one rather than this. But still, creamsilk is my buddy when it comes to conditioner.
Long lasting fragrance and effect
This is my go to conditioner every after shampoo. Long lasting effect on your hair and you'll be walking around and people can smell your conditioner from feet away. If you want something affordable and effective, this is for you.
for treated hair
It makes my hair really smooth while it's still wet. But when the hair dries out, it leaves a silicone residue. It smells good, however, it's not for wavy and curly hair since it has silicones in it.
Super lambot sa buhok at mabango.. erecomend KO po Ito sa MGA friends at relatives kos
Nung high skul po ako Ito ung palagi KO pong ginagamit Kasi maganda at super mabango sa buhok talagang binabalikan KO po until now Ito prin gamit ko
100% recomended
maganda at mabango sa buhok talagang babalik balikan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Your Crown's BFF
This!!! I have brittle, thin, and kinda damaged hair but this variant of Cream Silk saved my hair! Not only did it strengthen my hair but it also made it thick and grow faster! Must have!
Ang bango supper dupper love to use this product lalo na sa freezy and dry hair ko since kakapanganak ko lang .. highly recommend for mommies like me ! Nn
Cream silk
Its good it smells so nice really love it,it give me more vibrant and healthy looking hair
I love it❤ ever since ito talaga ginagamit ko.
Favorite color at the same time favorite ko din gamitin 🤗lambot sa hair and Hindi super oily sakto lang 🤗
It's my favorite ever! This variant is one of my fast moving product when i had a store back then.
Affordable but helpful !
Noong highschool ako hindi ko afford ang rebond .kumapit lang ako sa product na to para bongga at shinny ang hair ko at the same time hindi butas ang bulsa ko maganda pa ang hair ko !!
Nakakalambot ng buhok.
MAganda sya lalo na sa mga bagong rebond na hair malambot ska hnd oily.
Super soft ng hair ko and ang bango. Ayoko ng magtry ng iba dahil nahanap ko na ang aking forever. Thank you creamsilk!
currently using this product of creamsilk & i can say that this is one of creamsilk's best. It has the effect of keratin. I love this product

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