Valcom Asian Rice Paper

4.4 5 0 17 17 Spring rolls, rice paper rolls, rice paper dumplings, you name it! These versatile rice papers are great addition to your pantry.
Valcom Asian Rice Paper


Pantry staple
Easy to use, yummy to eat. I like to roll spicy noodles in these, then fry them up. Hubby loves them.
Not my favourite
Very bland, made me nearly puke everywhere. Not my cup of tea
Healthy alternative
We love using these to make a healthy lunch or dinner. So easy to make, and really yum. Can store in the fridge for lunch the next day too. Cheap as well!
Good Rice Paper
This one has zipper on the top so easy to keep it nice in the pantry. I prefer square shape instead of round. It is easy for me to use square one for making beautiful rice paper rolls.
Meet the standard
The ricepaper is nice and easy to roll. However, a bit thick. But overall, very nice
Having coeliac disease I use these to make dumplings as they are gluten free and they are perfect. I use two per dimpling to make delicious meals.
Great and easy to use
Easy to use to make rice paper rolls for lunch. I fill with my favorite fillings for a light and healthy lunch. I have also fried them so you get a delicious Gluten Free spring roll.
These are easy to use
These are easy to use once you have worked out the perfect amount of time to dip them in the water.
For when you want to try something different! Don’t be scared to get outside your comfort zone and try dinner with these, so versatile and so easy once you get the hang of it. Tried ours Vietnamese spring roll style w pork and prawn mince, absolutely Devine!
Go to rice paper
This rice paper is perfect for rice paper rolls and making crispy rice paper rolls!
Thoughts on Valcom Rice Paper
This product is amazing. I love the zip-lock feature it has on the packaging to keep the rice paper fresh. I love the simple to use instructions for this product as it is easy to understand and follow. I also love how the product shows certified tags to trust the companies involved in producing this product as well and knowing they also use environmentally sustainable practices is a plus. What would improve the star rating is if the product is New Zealand made and supports New Zealand businesses, communities and environmentally sustainable practices within their companies.
Super cost effective!
These are delicious! So easy to use! Theres lots in a packet it’ll last a long time. They also keep well.
Easy to use
Easy to use for delicious shrimp and pork summer rolls
Super versatile
Super versatile, so handy to have in the pantry for quick snacks or to try those Tik tok trends. They’re a good size and don’t break too easily
Best Rice paper
One of the best rice papers on the market. Use them regularly for fresh spring rolls.

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