The Natural Confectionery Co. Snakes Jelly Treats

4.6 5 0 50 50 These Aussie Made jelly treats are packed full of deliciousness, with no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no GMOs, no artificial sweeteners and no high fructose corn syrup.
The Natural Confectionery Co. Snakes Jelly Treats


My husband's weakness
There is always a packet of these in my husband's bedside drawer.. always! I like them (esp. the orange flavoured), but to him, they're like cat nip to a prickle floof. Evyone has a vice right?
No artificial colours & flavours
We love this tasty treat. Even more so for mom, because there are no artificial colours and flavours.
Love these
Love these lollies. The natural confectionery is one of my favourite brands for lollies and these snakes are no exception. These are super tasty and super gummy.
Love & adore All The Natural confectionery co,Lollie products 100%.recommend to buy for A/A occassions & ect.there NO artificial flavours,sweetness or Gmo i aspecially Love&Adore.
these natural confectionary company snakes are a favourite of my kids they love the taste great for road trips
The kids loved having them as a treat. Although not quite as chewy as Allens snakes, these are nevertheless really tasty. I appreciate that these don't include any artificial flavours or colours. Each hue has a pleasant flavour. There are many serves in the sharing pack, which is fantastic. Also, it wasn't excessively contagious, which is good.
love it
I love snakes lollies, great snacks to share with friends!
The Natural - Snakes
These are great for kids and are quite natural. They are quite a decent price and come in many fun colours. They taste really nice. I would recommend these candy snakes for parties.
Great product for the long drives
A family favourite that’s always in the car glovebox. Eaten on long journeys to help give the body a lift!
These are pretty good,they have great flavours,and a few different flavors in the pack,I love the fact these are low on artificial ingredients that you find in most sweets,they are a solid go-to for me,I like these alot
Great flavours
Change of flavour compared to back in the day but a nice natural taste, not a fake artificial taste like some of the other fruit lollies now days. Great product.
Best lollies
Red and purple snakes are by far the best, should make a pack with just these 2 flavours
love these lollies
My husband is a BIG lolly eater and these are his all time favourite, we always have a few bags on hand. They are sweet without being too sweet and no nasty after taste like you get with some others.
My favourite jelly lollies
Love the natural confectionery lollies. You can never go wrong with a snake. I often buy these when they are on special.
The Natural Snakes Confectionery
Although I have tasted different snakes created by other firms such as Pascals, I found them to be fairly tasty and a little too chewy, and it's fantastic value for the price. I believe there is still an opportunity for improvement.

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