Sanitarium So Good Vanilla Bliss Long Life Soy Milk

4.7 5 0 26 26 So good™ vanilla flavoured soymilk from Sanitarium New Zealand is a refreshing way to enjoy the deliciousness of soy! Enjoy benefits such as: <li>Source of plant-based protein <li>High in calcium <li>98. 5% fat free <li>Non-gm soy <li>Naturally free from dairy, lactose, gluten & cholesterol <li>No artificial colours or flavours <li>Vegan friendly
Sanitarium So Good Vanilla Bliss Long Life Soy Milk


My son love this vanilla soy milk
So creamy, he is very fussy guy, he choosed this vanilla soy for favourite so far, you know soy milk got not much flavoure range yet all other brands too, this vanilla is satisfying!!
Literally SO GOOD
The best alternative I’ve been able to find for milk, literally says soo good and is sooooo good, flavourful, thick texture, popular brand. Win win.
So good
Very good nice taste, like the fact it is long life as well
Anchor vanilla soy milk
Personally I love this milk. I enjoy blending it into smoothies. Or just o drink it by itself. Yummy. Price can fluctuate between supermarkets and retail and sale price. Definitely recommend to all.
Not a soy fan
Sorry but this product is horrid. I am dubious about all soy products and try to avoid if possible . I don't like the taste and would throw away before I drank again
Change of packaging
Normally would be 5*, but since change of packaging the milk won't froth anymore
I enjoy vanilla flavours so this is great and my son enjoys it as well this is always on our weekly shop.
great flavour
i have tried this in protein shakes, smoothies, hot chocolate and it gives everything the extra flavour shot that you don't get with normal milk, it was also reasonably priced, would recommend!
So Good Soy Vanilla Milk
Nice but a little too sweet for me, wouldnt buy again
nice for a change
I get this on the odd occasion to make vanilla coffees. It's a bit sweet for my partner, but I like the change every now and again. I haven't used it for any other purpose other than straight milk, which is also yum!
Daughters fav
My eldest daughter loves to drink this on its own which I like as I can keep a spare in the cupboard before she is ready to use it and she doesn’t drink much milk products
Yummy hot or cold.
Being lactose intolerant this is a sweet treat. Delicious in smoothies, as a hot drink or over cereal. The price varies and I like to buy it on special. I consider this product a treat and wouldn’t have it every day as the sugar content is a little high.
Makes my smoothie game even stronger, works with any flavor but taste great to drink alone. Price is not too bad depends where I go.
Yummy yummy yummy
I love my soy milk but having the option to choose vanilla flavor is so good. I don't like my coffee too sweet so just adding this soy milk, means I can cut the sugar out. Win win
So Good And So Far, The Best I've Tried!
I'm a milkshake junkie but had to quit drinking milkshakes because of being lactose intolerant. I had tried other substitute shakes but there was nothing that actually tasted nice or that could meet the taste value of a milkshake until I tried So Good Vanilla Soy! Absolute heaven for an ex-milkshake junkie!

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