Remedy Organic Kombucha Mango Passionfruit

4.5 5 0 17 17 This delicious mango passion drink is true to fruit, fresh as with all natural flavour. Smooth and sweet (minus the sugar) with a hint of passionfruit tang. This Remedy Kombucha flavour will make your mouth water – it’s ripe and ready.
Remedy Organic Kombucha Mango Passionfruit


Remedy Kombucha
I’ve had this many times and it never fails to taste good. The fizz is awesome and sometimes makes your eyes water. This is all organic and surprisingly has no sugar! It’s like a healthy soft drink. It’s great would totally recommend.
It's quite delicious, and you can easily drink a whole pack. The only thing is the caffeine hit me pretty hard. I would definitely buy them again, but I advise to drink these in moderation.
Great refreshment
Nice and refreshing, sweet but not too sweet
This is my go to summer drink. It’s delicious, and good for the gut! Not overly sweat which I like too.
I love kombucha and this was no disappointment! Fresh, sweet and good flavour.
What a lovely refreshing drink, and great with some gin too
Good for you
Imagine something that is good and tasty! A refreshing taste.
tasty drink
I loved the taste of the drink, I also like the combination of the slightly fermented taste of Kombucha with the fruit flavours. It is a strong flavour so maybe just drink it occasionally
Go to probiotics
Kombucha is my go to for a load of probiotics, especially when I’m feeling…. And I love the flavours they have especially this mango passion one. Sweet/sour balanced
Refreshing and different
I really enjoyed this flavour. The orange and passion was really refreshing and unlike all the other flavours. It might not be my fav but on a hot day I would reach for this one.
Love it
Love this and the other flavours too. Nice flavour, not too big and feel good about drinking it :)
Refreshing Drink
Great tasting refreshing drink. Great for the hot summers day. Nice non alcoholic option for BBQs. Goes well by itself or as a mixer.
Tastes good
Classic fruity kombucha taste. Love the size of the cans. Easy to keep in the fridge and perfect for a quick refreshing drink. Good with a bit of white rum or vodka. Would recommend.
Pretty refreshing
Love the flavour and how refreshing this is on a warm day, have recently tried a bunch of kombuchas and this brand and flavour is a winner
Low sugar goodness
Yummy low sugar fizzy drink that doesn’t feel like your missing out ! Mango flavour is delicious !

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