Jarrah Drinking Chocolate Cookies & Cream

4 5 0 7 7 Jarrah creates delicious anytime treats just for you, including luscious flavoured coffees and rich hot chocolate beverages. Indulgent hot choc with cookies and cream flavour.
Jarrah Drinking Chocolate Cookies & Cream


Does taste like your drinking cookies
I wasnt a huge fan of the taste, but it wasnt terrible just different. If you love Cookies and Cream Icecream or oreos you might really enjoy
Great product
I usually find low sugar/calorie hot drinks undrinkable. This one however is very pleasant and not overly sweet. Also really does actually taste like Oreo cookies and not fake flavors like many do. Definitely worth a try if your looking for a sweet drink that won't blow your food goals
Sugar free hot choc - no way
It taste just like normal hot choc , you can’t even tell the difference. Being sugar free make it so worth it and not feeling guilty afterwards 😂
have a choccs
these are really nice hot or cold . I sprinkle chocolate powder on top. or I e in them. kids love it .
Yum yum yum
I originally purchased this brand to try the fewer calories type of hit drink. Big fan of the mint variety thou fir some reason is seldom on the shelves. I also buy the raspberry regularly when they are on sale. I have continued to buy these regularly for about six months

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