Dine Tuna Selection Creamy Cat Treats

4.6 5 0 17 17 Pamper your feline friends with this delicious treat! Curated and made with enticing ingredients, and presented with a creamy texture that no cat can resist. Safe for cats and kittens alike.
Dine Tuna Selection Creamy Cat Treats


My cat loves these!
My cat loves these. She would eat the whole packet of four if she really wanted too and she is one of the fussiest eaters for a pet. The perfect amount, and easy to get into.
Creamy Kitty Treats
These are really popular with our cats and they're easy to open, create minimal mess and are great to hand feed to even the fussiest of pets! My only criticism would be that it would be nicer to have another one (or two) per pack so they last a little longer.
Cats love this!
My cat LOVES these treats especially as she is elderly and finds chewing a bit more challenging. She laps these up and loves the tuna flavours in particular.
Easy and convenient keeps the cat happy
My cat loves these. They’re easy to open, mess free and the paste doesn’t get stuck in the open end like other brands. My cat recognises the packaging now and comes running whenever I get one out the drawer.
Every cat I know loves these.
My cats love every flavour they have and coming running as soon as the see or hear them coming out the cupboard. Really easy to use.
To die for
My cat absolutely goes crazy over these treats! He loves them so much, it’s the easiest and cutest way to entice my kitty to do anything. He goes feral for it and eats every last drop
Kittys treat
My cat loves these as a treat only downfall would be the cost
One cat loved it, the other did not.
Based on the response of my cats, I would say it's a good product as my other cat who didn't like it can be a bit fussy. The cat which liked it yelled for more after finishing the tube so I would say it earned a good rating.
Fave with my furbabies
My cats love this, they go crazy for it. Easy to peel open and feed.
Cats love it
My cat loves these. I am not keen on holding it though and getting the stuff all over my fingers!
Dine Creamy Treats Selections
Our moggies love these treats. Rather than hand feed our cats from the foil tube I squeeze it directly on to their jellymeat (wet cat food). There are a number of flavour options and each of them are eagerly 'wolfed' down.
Dine great for fussy cats
I recommend if you have a very fussy cat or your cat has a sensitive stomach or for older cat, my cats favorite is the tuna flavor.
The cats meow!
Our cats love this product, the kids feeling them these treat. Recommend 100%
Cats Love these!
My cats absolutely loved these. Only thing I found was they were abit harder to open than what they showed on the advert. Overall Cats were happy.
loved by my fur babies
my cats love this product so much so, one tried to open the package himself. My male cat growls while eating it but in a nice way! i like the way it is packaged it allows for nice interaction between my and my cats.

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