Chux Superwipes On A Roll Cleaning Cloth

4.8 5 0 34 34 Specially designed with a grime dispersing weave, these superfast drying and highly absorbent cloths feature special double action holes that easily pick up dirt and food particles and rinse clean, making them ideal for quick daily clean-ups.
Chux Superwipes On A Roll Cleaning Cloth


Thoughts on Chux Superwipes on a roll
This product is just like using chux wipes individually. I love how they have a pack for heaps of wipes because some circumstances. I wish the product of Chux could break down more sustainably for the environment though that would deserve a 5-star rating. Also, as a leading brand it has an obligation to support New Zealand business and communities and be leaders of ethical sustainable environmental practices.
Love this product!
I always have a roll or two in my cleaning cupboard. I love this product!
Versatile cleaning tool
Versatile cleaning tool that can be used for a variety of tasks around the house. They are made from a soft, absorbent cloth that is non-scratch and non-toxic, making them safe to use on all surfaces. Chux Superwipes are also quick-drying and can be reused multiple times, making them a sustainable and cost-effective cleaning option
Chux cloths are fab
I made the mistake of buying a cheaper brand roll... what a mistake. Chux absorb everything. I use them everywhere from the kitchen and bathroom to the car interior.
Great product
As a professional barista I use these as part of my barista set up. They hold shape and wipe up small spills easy as.
Chux Superb wipes
use these every day. long lasting. value for money
As a cleaner having a roll of cloths is far more convenient although the cloth it self could be slightly thicker, they are practical and easy to use
Great cleaners
Usually have a roll of these. Can use for ages and also chuck in the washing machine and reuse. Cleans all surfaces well
My go to
I use them to clean my kitchen bench daily, great product that's also inexpensive
So handy for the kitchen
We always have a roll of these in the kitchen cupboard. They are great for cleaning, but also in food prep such as staining water out of courgette or liquid out of yoghurt to make tzatziki! Super handy.
Clean and Convenient
I love cleaning my surfaces, walls and floors almost 3 times a week! It's so easy and convenient when you have a roll of cloths that can help aid your cleaning without cross contaminating! Cannot wait to restock on these for my cupboards, definitely recommend.
Great and reusable!
I started using these this year. They’re super handy around the sink and all counter tops. They’re good enough to rinse, wash and reuse but if you use them on something you really don’t want to touch again, there’s plenty if you need to throw it away! Very sturdy and long lasting.
Love these
I absolutely love these they are perfect for me I can either reuse or throw away whatevers needed in the moment
Perfect for saving money. Would rather buy these than the other cloths considering you don’t get as many.
Good product can be machine washed. Excellent for party spills

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