Banana Boat Kids Sunblock Simply Protect

2.5 5 0 10 10 Banana Boat® knows how important sun protection is for the whole family, especially for little ones, so we've created a new, minimal-ingredient formula that's mild and gentle enough for even the most delicate skin.
Banana Boat Kids Sunblock Simply Protect


does it's job - a bit greasy
The sport version of this product is much better as it dries almost instantly. I liked the easy application. The formula does not dry down quickly so need to rub it in - the part my kids hate the most.
With New Zealand having such a high skin cancer rate you want a product that is going to protect you from the harsh sun. With this it gave no protection and I got burnt, would not use again
works in other countries
As we all know, in NZ you can get burned easier than in other countries so a sun protector with only 50+ protection is not enough but the idea of being spray over a cream is nice.
One of the worst sun screens on the market got burnt badly from it.
I used it on my kids at the park and beach but thay still got bernt and it just doesn't work
Tried this recently due to the SPF 50 effect and was easy to apply , worked well and nice smell
Great spray
This is a great spray easy to apply and appears to do what it was intended to do. My daughter has been using this product for a number of years and finds its great for the children to apply themselves
Easy peasy application
This was easy to throw into my tweens swim bag and super simple for them to use when they have swimming at school. No mess, no fuss application. They didn't use on their faces though,due to the spray action. For body use, its perfect!
Banana boat review
this product did not protect any of the family from being burnt, we were all different shades of red after just a few hours, it also irritated my daughter and granddaughters skin. we haven't bought again
Banana Boat Sunscreen - Not a fan
The applicator is convenient, but I didn't like how this product felt once it was applied. It also irritated my child's sensitive skin. I would not buy this product again.

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