Clorox® Bleach

4.7 5 0 317 317 Alami keunggulan kuasa membersih dengan Clorox® Bleach. <br> <ul><li>Membasmi 99.9% kuman</li> <li>Membersih dan membasmi kuman</li> <li>Menjadikan pakaian lebih putih</li> <li>Menanggalkan kotoran</li></ul>
Clorox<sup>®</sup> Bleach


Clean and Safe
Clorox Bleach works effective in removing stubborn stains on my kitchen floor, doesn't have strong chemical scent and leaving the floor so clean and sparkling white. Besides of this, it also good to wipe clean the counter top with Clorox Bleach, all dirty and oily stains go away with just one wipe. I am so impressed with Clorox Bleach's effectiveness! Highly recommended!
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Clorox mudah dan berkesan
Sangat berkesan serta mudah digunakan mudah melunturkan kotoran degil dengan mudah
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Strong Effective Disinfectant.
Having used to think of bleach as a chemical hazard, I am now discovering the beauty of bleach when used in proper and safe ways. Incorporating it into my laundry loads with care, white shirts are kept at their whitest. As cleaner and disinfectant, they keep my floors and surfaces free from stains and squeaky clean. Just recently, I learnt a new use for it – a few drops of it added to a vase filled with water helps my flowers to remain fresh and blooming for a significantly longer time!
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Clean, Safe and Disinfection
I used the Clorox Bleach for clean the floor and bathroom. I feel satisfied with the result and feel more safe during Covid 19 period. I will continue to use it for disinfection purposes especially to keep away from Covid 19.
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Kesan degil pun hilang
Sila cuba dan rasai sendiri kehebatan Clorox Bleach
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I use it on my kids clothes and it really make feel like amazing, after that I’m trying it on the surface of floor, my floor become very shiny and oil free when I done my cooking. I like to use it to mop everyday when I done cooking. It make me feel so comfortable when I step on the floor..
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Clean, effective, trustworthy
I like Clorox Bleach with its capability to kill 99.9% of germs and how it effectively disinfects the surface within minutes, especially during this COVID pandemic. It gives me the assurance to live happily in households
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Bersih dan diyakini
Clorox sememangnya jenama yang unggul sekian lama. Namun manfaatnya melebihi jenama-jenama lain yang setanding
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Excellent Awesome Buy
Loving it..especially it serve as disinfectant..clean & disinfect all at one
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Membersih. Pembasmi kuman
Saya telah menggunakan Clorox Bleach pada permukaan lantai dan juga barangan untuk menanggalkan kekotoran. Kotoran ternyata mudah ditanggalkan dan permukaan menjadi bersih dan saya berasa konfiden ianya juga membasmi kuman.
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Effective, efficient and affordable
With current covid19, I'm very concern about the virus, bacteria, germs that are all over the household especially with young kids at home. Thus, it makes me more aware to disinfect common areas with cost effective products. I love how versatile is clorox bleach compared to other disinfect products as we can use for multiple purpose from bleaching clothing, to disinfect bathroom and kitchen. We could also adjust the concentration of disinfection as we wish for example for disinfecting floor we use a more water to bleach ratio as compared to how we disinfect toilet bowls with higher concentration of bleach to water ratio.
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-terbaik -dipercayai -berkesan
Mampu menghilang kotoran degil sekaligus membasmi kuman yang ada.
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Brand you trust
Whenever you hear the brand clorox, you'll know it's famous for bleach. Used this to clean mould and stains in my bathroom and does the job clean and squeaky. Effective towards discolorations that can't be scrubbed off too.
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sangat bagus untuk pembersihan
pembersihan dan pembasmi kuman yang sangat pantas yang boleh di percayai .
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Best floor cleaning
Just apply clorox bleach on floor for a few minutes and you can see the result..wowww
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