Skinfood 1957 Mask Wash Off Black Sugar 100g

4.8 5 0 30 30 Skinfood is making its comeback! Featuring Black Sugar which is rich with minerals and vitamins that are effective for extensive exfoliation without being too harsh on skin. Effective removal of dead skin cells leaving your skin radiant and firm.
Skinfood 1957 Mask Wash Off Black Sugar 100g


Great scrub
Amazing scrub with nice smell. Use weekly as part of pamper skincare routine at home. Try it yourself and see the results!
sweet smells
gentle exfoliation removal of dead skin cells leaving smooth skins.. i like it smells sweet... just a tiny bit enough to exfoliate whole face...
Sangat bagus
kulit muka terasa licin selepas menggunakan produk ni. bau wangi tapi teksturnya berbiji2 kasar.
Work well on my skin
After washing off the face mask I can feel that my skin is so soft and clean. Only use once a week but the result is not bad. The price is affordable too
Works on my skin!Skin feels soft
I like the scrub smells..the texture of the scrub quite mild n doesnt irritate my skin..My skin feels fresh & soft after wash
Refreshingly clean
One of the OGs for wash off masks and I have been using Skinfood more than 15 years ago since my teenage breakout days. It always leaves my skin clean but it is slightly more coarse in texture which is not very suitable with my sensitive skin so I use it once a week on small amount to scrub off dead cells
Smooth Skin
After using it, the skin will be smooth and it removes the impurities on your face.
Black sugar scrub
i already buy this product many time. I love the after effect of using this scrub. My face fell very clean and kinda look like glowing. But for a person with a really sensitive, i will suggest to to do skin test first as this kinda strong & my face feel hot when using it.
Good scrub
instead of using it as a mask, i think it works great as a facial scrub to exfoliate skin weekly.
scrub yang sangat bagus sebab ianya menanggalkan kulit mati secara efektif dan membersih dengan berkesan.bau lembut dan tekstur lembut dekat kulit.sesuai untuk kulit sensitif,normal dan kering
exfoliate my skin
The black sugar formula gently exfoliates my skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. help to nourish and moisturize my skin. I usually use it once or twice a week, and I've noticed a visible improvement in the overall texture and brightness of my skin.
Mask wash off
Mask wash off organik dpt mngelupaskan sel kulit mati dan minyak biji macadamia & mentega shea mnyuburkn dan melembabkan kulit.mnjadikan kulit lembut dan licin
Jatuh cinta dengan produk ni
Skin jadi lembut dan moist je bila pakai mask ni. Texture dia pun lembut dan tidak merosakkan kulit. I love this product
Scrubs well
Smells really sweet and does its job. Feels very natural and doesn't harm the skin.

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