Pocky Peach Lychee & Elderflower

4.8 5 0 47 47 It’s Pocky time! Bored of the usual flavours but still crave Pocky? How about you try this flavour instead! A rich combination of lychee, peach, and elderflower melting in your mouth is enough to spare a moment of bliss.
Pocky Peach Lychee & Elderflower


Pocky laici
Pocky laici ni macam biskut jejari yang dicelup dalam adunan laici. Sedap tapi terlalu manis. Boleh lah repeat tapi tak kerap ler.
Delicious Peach Snack
Pocky has always been my favorite. This new flavor brings sweet peach, exotic lychee, and subtle elderflower creates a unique, refreshing treat. It is a bit sweet, however, the flavor is very nice!
Pocky peace lychee sangat2 sedappppp anak saya sangat2 suka, dia tak manis sangat tapi rasa buah yang menyedapkan disebabkan buah peach dan lychee adalah buah kesukaan saya dan keluarga
First time jumpa pocky ni. Terus beli sbb nak rasa,bila dah makan mcm xsesuai je dgn tekak sy. Btw sedap je tp sy lagi suka yg coklat :)
Different that usual taste
Got this from the supermarket as the flavours sound interesting. Upon trying it, it tasted very different and did not suit my liking. I would still stick to the existing original flavours.
Great thanks awesome bagus Great thanks awesome bagus
delightful treat yummy!
Pocky Peach Lychee & Elderflower is a delightful treat that's captured my taste buds. The combination of juicy peach, exotic lychee, and delicate elderflower creates a harmonious blend of flavors. The crispy biscuit stick perfectly balances the sweetness, making it a satisfying snack. The packaging is convenient for on-the-go indulgence. Pocky has truly outdone themselves with this unique flavor. A must-try for those seeking a delicious twist on traditional snacks!
Deliciously addictive!
Pocky Peach Lychee & Elderflower offers a delightful blend of fruity and floral flavors in one crunchy stick. The peach and lychee combination creates a sweet and refreshing taste, while the hint of elderflower adds a unique twist. A perfect snack for those seeking a delightful Asian-inspired treat. Deliciously addictive!
Pocky Peach Lychee & Elderflower
Snack kegemaran saya dan anak-anak... 1 kotak memang tak cukup. Sedap sangat.
Pocky ni sedap, anak2 pon suka makan. Rasa peach dia yg buat kita nak makan banyak kali. Barang rare susah nak dpt dkt kedai runcit. Hopefully market dia makin besar. Of course I recommend
Kesukaan anak anak
Rasa baru dengan cinta baru,anak anak sangat suka sama rasa ini
Pocky my lovely snack
I like tlto trying many types favourite pocky. Hope can get more choices. Lychee and Peach is yummy.
Sekarang musim peach viral, teringin nak cuba apa berkaitan dengan peach.. try beli ini untuk makan..bau peach dan lychee balance..sedap..tp susah jumpa yg ni..
Pocky lychee
Anak lelaki saya yang berusia 5 tahun sangat suka perisa yang ini dari yang coklat. Balik sekolah mesti singgah mini market beli ni.
Best combination
Rasa dan aroma Pocky Lychee and peach ni best sangat, rasa sedap.

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