Lotuss Noodle Shrimp Creamy Tomyam

4.8 5 0 57 57 A new talk of the town! Have you tried this creamy tomyam noodles? Perfect for a midnight snack where you want to forget the hustle and have a much needed me-time.
Lotuss Noodle Shrimp Creamy Tomyam


Tom yum creamy noodles
Spicy, tangy - perfect as a midnight snack. Add some protein and vegetables and you get a decent and delicious substantial meal.
Amazing burst of flavor!
Lotus's Noodle Shrimp Creamy Tomyam is a burst of flavor! The creamy tomyam broth perfectly complements the tender shrimp and noodles. It's a quick and satisfying meal option with authentic Thai taste. Highly recommended for those craving a spicy and creamy treat. Delightful!
Super delicious authentic tomyum noodles
Finally found a Thai creamy tomyum instant noodles that tastes quite authentic. 10/10 will recommend Taste: Tangy, spicy, sour, creamy Noodles: Fragrant and springy Soup: Not too thin, not too thick consistency, not too salty or sweet. Appetite inducing!
Sedap & Murah
Bagi sy memang kena dgn tekak. Sedap wlpn terlebih masam. Setiap kali pergi tesco mmg restock 2pack terus.
worth to try
its really another good options if you find it hard to get the thai version one. the taste suit me well ,the price is cheaper n surely easy to get. go get yours.
not worth the hype
to be very honest, it doesn’t taste good. its too masam for me. most of the reviewers said that it taste like kedai tomyam but nooo tak sama langsung. & im a big fan of tomyam! brand maggie tu lagi sedap
very good
the taste very nice to me , usually will buy more than 2 , need hv stock at home
rasa megi ni sama dengan yg siam punya selalu buat kerabu tu haha. harga pun murah
lotus megi tomyam
meggi ni sedap .. kuah pekat , rasa masam pedas dy memang ngam lah ,, harga berpatutan .
Sila beli
Sedap sangat.. akan beli lagi..harga yang berpatutan..
sedap maggi ni, rasa tomyam dia pure...
sedap maggi ni, rasa tomyam dia pure...mesti dapatkan di lotus...
这是我目前吃过最好吃的 TOMYUM 快熟面,而且价格不贵又实惠,面条Q弹,加颗蛋,虾,SOTONG, 这味道绝了。
Mee tomyam
Sedap seperti tom yam di kedai. Kuah pekat dan mi yg kenyal. Saya bg 10star.
Megi tomyam
Sedap,kuah pekat dan rasa kaw. Flavourful. Mee kenyal dan x mudah lembik.
Like Thailand Mee Mama
Calling Thailand Mee Mama fans, you should try this, reasonable price, the taste defenitely same like mee mama, creamy soup, tomyum taste, i in love with this lotus tom yum mee so much.

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