KitKat Dark Borneo

4.8 5 0 21 21 Indulge in the luxurious taste of KitKat Dark Borneo and treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss. With 8 bars in each pack, experience the rich and smooth flavors of dark chocolate with every bite. Share this delectable delight with your loved ones and enjoy KitKat Dark Borneo together!
KitKat Dark Borneo


Very tasty
Sedap sangat , repeat dah 3 kali, Rasa dia kena dengan tekak
KitKat Dark Borneo
I recently tried the KitKat Dark Borneo, and it was delicious! The rich, smooth dark chocolate was a real treat, and the eight bars in each pack made it perfect for sharing with family and friends. it's a fantastic chocolate snack that lives up to the KitKat name.
Chocolate can make my day
Kit kat is the delicious chocolate I had from kid until I have my kids. Kitkat ours choice for snacks at home.
Borneo Chocolate
Loved the dark chocolate taste, not sweet just perfect. Reasonable price, bought it from local supermarket. Support local cocoa.
Rich Dark Chocolate, Unique Fruity
KitKat Dark Borneo boasts a smooth 52% dark chocolate with a surprising hint of fruit. It's a delicious twist on the classic KitKat for adventurous chocolate lovers.
Delicious dark chocolate
It’s a less sweet compare to regular kitkat. My kids love them too.
delicious chocolate
This flavour really delight my tongue. Dark chocolate kit kat every bite full of chocolate with smell good. Chocolate holic must try. First bite really surprise me, and I bought again after finish.
suitable for people who are on diet
I just purchased it last week at nsk. I love the design of it that represents our Borneo. The taste of dark chocolate mixes well with the biscuit and can feel the bitterness from the dark chocolate. Suitable for people who are on a diet but craving for something sweet.
goid product
saya telah mencuba produk ini,saya suka dan anak anak pun suka..kemanisan coklat lemak berkrim
Kitkat Dark Chocolate Borneo
Kitkat dark chocolate borneo ni memang sedap! Rasa coklat yang premium dan tidak terlalu manis sangat kena dengan citarasa saya sekeluarga. Harga berpatutan dan rasa yg sedap, memang berbaloi!
Taste good
Taste was ultimate !! Quite different for the other varieties. It’s super crispy inside. The chocolate taste is very delicious
Take a break with kit kat
Saya seorang penggemar coklat, dan Kit Kat dark Borneo ni memang sangat sedap, tidak terlalu manis dan tidakterlalu pahit.sangat sedap di makan. Saya sekeluarga Amat menyukainya dan kami selalu membelinya. Sekali makan, pasti nak lagi
Take a break
Take a break with KitKat Dark Borneo is such a pleasant and relaxing moment ! The texture of the chocolate is creamy and rich where the waffle is crispy and fresh. I love it so much !
Sangat sedap...saya dan keluarga memang penggemar coklat ini...rasa dark coklat yang tidak terlalu pahit,sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur...memang akan beli lagi...
Chocolate lover approved!
Less sweet version kitkat! personally dislike sweet thing but this is lit! Its dark chocolate version and every chocolate lover have to try! But be careful, it will makes you finish the whole pack at one time!

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