Kinohimitsu Wellsure 30.3G X 10S

4.7 5 0 30 30 Always feel tired and lack of energy? Try this milk as it provides complete nutrition, promotes body tissue building, supports eye health, and so much more. Revive your youth now!
Kinohimitsu Wellsure 30.3G X 10S


Dapat sample dari farmasian, 2 pax....Bila minum, so fresh, ada rasa oat and susu. Tapi tidak mengenyangkan, hanya sekali teguk, terus bertenanga.
taste good and good for health
rasa lemak berkrim, tidak manis sgt, sesuai untuk orang berusia 40an keatas
Kinohimitsu Wellsure
Nutritious food for older people. I will continue drink this protein ,the taste is not to sweet,hopefully it will boost the healt.wellsure taste really great and the product is so good is a highly recommeded health drink.
Taste good !
For a quick and effective boost to your well-being, This Kinomitshu Well Sure milk can help., it offers a range of advantages that contribute to your overall health and vitality.
Good for health
This beverage contains high-quality protein that assists in muscle repair and growth. By consuming it for couple of weeks, it helps to maintain and rebuilding my muscle tissue.
I have a problem with constipation before. After I consumed this product, my constipation is not bad like before and to be honest I only constipated like once in a two months like that.
Delicious oat for energy
Packaging is good, delicious flavour available to adult similarly. I will repeat purchasing this product again.
Sangat recommend untuk yang berusia dan berkerja keras sepanjang hari , ia dapat memberi tenaga untuk anda sepanjang hari dapatkan sekarang dan cuba merasai perbezaan setelah mengamalkan
Beli utk mak minum. So far mak suka sedap dia kata sedap. Mak usia dah hampir 70tahun. Lutut sakit2 biasa klu org tua. Minum susu ni boleh bantu sikit kurangkan sakit. Sbb susu memang baik utk sendi.
Memberi rasa kenyang
Sesuai kalau nak diet sebab minum segelas dah rasa kenyang. Tapi rasanya mungkin tak menepati selera saya, rasa malt dia tu kuat sangat
Okay and quite new to me
Got the small pack sample and tried once. The taste is quite new to me , as this might be the first time I consume this kind of drinks. Still thinking of whether to buy the standard size to consume.
Sesuai untuk diet
Rasa susu sedap. Saya suka sebab susu tidak berapa manis. Susu Kinohimitsu Wellsure ini sesuai untuk orang seperti saya yang sedang diet sebab ia mengenyangkan. Saya minum setiap pagi.
Saya telah mencuba susu ini sangat sesuai untuk saya wanita berusia 26 tahun rasa sedap dan mengenyangkan.. badan lagi sihat dan menyegarkan
Saya pernah cuba 1-2 sachet, rasa macam minum oat susu tapi premium. minuman ni sesuai bagi yang vegetarian sebab ia diproses dari tumbuhan.
convenient and taste not bad
The convenient sachet format ensures easy consumption, making it suitable for busy lifestyles. With regular use, it promotes overall well-being, boosts energy levels, and enhances immunity.

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