Hasbro Games Connect 4 Grid

5 5 0 15 15 A classic strategy game in which 2 players would go head-to-head in a battle to own the grid! A brilliant idea to keep everyone off the gadgets especially after having dinner/breaking fast together.
Hasbro Games Connect 4 Grid


Hasbro Games
Seronok main diwaktu lapang. Main bersama adik beradik. Selain daripada main iphone permainan ini juga yang best. Terbaik.
Hasbro Games Connect 4 Grid
Untuk luang masa dengan keluarga boleh main game ni , dengan anak² sangat² recommended, simple game tak memeningkan otak anda tetapi boleh dibawa ke mana² dn boleh main di dalam kereta
Nice things to play
Very nice things to do when holidays. Play with friends to spend time n it can improve your mind thinking
Great thinking game
Great game to play with the kids. Gets them to strategise and think about what is the next move. Love this as it gets my son off his screen time when we play this. He has been loving this.
family bonding time
bila berkumpul ramai2 pada hari minggu dan cuti sekolah tak tahu nk main apa?cubalah hasbro games connect 4 grid games ni.. sangat menyeronokkan dan sangat mudah nk faham. anak2 pon suka boleh tingkatkan pemikiran anak2 kerana games ini memerlukan strategi untuk menang. memg best main game ni..cubalah.
Brain game
Permainan yang bagus untuk merangsang pemikiran anak-anak seawal 5 tahun dan keatas. Selain dapat mengisi masa lapang bersama dengan keluarga, ia juga dapat melatih motot halus anak.
Permainan yang menyeronokkan
Permainan yang menyeronokkan. Sangat sesuai dijadikan permainan untuk seisi keluarga, dan untuk mengisi masa lapang. Pemainan yang memerlukan strategi dan pemikiran untuk menang.
Best product
Sangat sesuai untuk ank2 main pada Masa lapang....anak2 pown suka must try
fun and no gadget time
sangat sesuai utk bermain seisi keluarga. dapat kurangkan mase dngan gadget. main dgn anak2 dapat mengasah strategi otak anak. bagus
Family Time with Connect 4
This is a very good game to enjoy for both children, teenagers, adults and even the elderly! Sometimes, my boys will play this whenever they are free or they needed to be away from books. It can be played on solitaire mode because the sides can be switched. Or it can be played in teams on each side. A very good game to teach strategy and collaboration.
isi masa lapang
game ni sesuai nk main waktu bosan dgn anak anak supaya dorang tak terdedah dengan gajet. cara main pun simple senang kanak kanak nk faham
Can play with my daughter. It's very playful. You'll need to buy it now !
Strategy game
Good strategy game to play with friends. Recommended!
Very fun
This game is very fun and attractive, will share it to my friends and family to let them join with me to play this good game. Can play with many people, I will always play it. Very good.
Kids game
This game is the perfect for stimulating your child's logical side. As a new parent, teaching my kid this game was the best experience. It shows them not only patience but to form in their heads how to play the game. After playing this game, my child did not want the tablet, not one bit! 100/100

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