Garnier Bright Complete Anti Acne Serum 30ml

4.8 5 0 28 28 Say goodbye to your acne with Garnier Bright Complete Anti-Acne Booster Serum with a combination of 4% Vitamin C + Salicylic + Niacinamide + AHA to fight acne & face acne spots. Get visibly brighter & clearer skin this Ramadan.
Garnier Bright Complete Anti Acne Serum 30ml


I highly recommend this Granier skin care as it is very effective, it boosts essential moisture to help restore the appearance of tired-looking skin. the price point is pretty good.
Works on me !
This Garnier's anti acne serum is very effective. The ultra-light, anti-shine formula for tailored protection from sun induced skin damage for acne prone skin. The price is super good.
Solution to my acne
I had a acne skin problem, recommend by friend and try it , can see the difference, my acne decreased and my skin are more soft. No more bew acne growth.
highly rekomend
serum yang sangat bagus.kesan seawal penggunaan.jerawat cepat kecut dan pudar.cepat meresap dan bau yang tidak terlalu wangi.sesuai untuk dicuba oleh sesiapa yang ada masalah jerawar dan parut.rekomen sangat
lightweight, quick absorb, lighten
After using this serum for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture and tone of my skin. It's also lightweight and absorbs quickly, so it doesn't leave any greasy residue or clog my pores. Additionally, it contains Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid which helps to brighten and exfoliate my skin, leaving it looking fresh and radiant.
Good product...absorption is good.. make skin hydrating.. I used before for one week.
Garnier Bright serum
Serum ini terbukti mampu mengurangkan jerawat di muka. Muka juga akan berseri selepas penggunaan selama sebulan. Tetapi tidak sesuai untuk kulit muka yang sensititif kerana akan memyebabkan rasa pedih.
review serum
Saya baru mengunakan serum ni selama sebulan. saya dapati wajah saya semakin pulih dari kesan parut jerawat dan juga dapat mengatasi kulit saya yang berminyak.
Sangat membantu merawat masalah kulit
Saya suka prodak ini ia nya sangat membantu melembabkan merawat masalah kulit kusam saya Dan mengecutkan pori pori dimuka saya, sekarang kulit muka saya bertambah berseri tiada lagi kulit kusam ianya mencerahkan lagi hari hari saya.. Terima kasih
Effective products
It is a a fresh and light restorative moisturizing lotion targeting acne-prone skin, for round-the-clock acne care. It is light in texture, it is easy to apply and comfortable to use.
Lightweight texture Cheap and affordable A little goes a long way Good for combination to oily skin
Garnier bright serum
Saya sangat berminat utk mencuba produk ini sbb skrg saya menghadapi kulit yg tidak sekata dan jeragat
Sangat sesuai untuk wajah saya
Saya baru mengunakan serum ni selama sebulan. saya dapati wajah saya semakin pulih dari kesan parut jerawat dan juga dapat mengatasi kulit saya yang berminyak.
Great ingredients
Once I read the ingredients, I believe it will help to lessen my acne at least. The salicylic acid and niacinamide are great ingredients to cure acne. I use it at night as I'm also use another serum to treat my skin problem.
Effective !
This serum is very effective, I can see the change from one day to another. I stopped getting as many acnes, breakouts and my redness got better. I will keep using this amazing serum

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