Arctaphos Lemon Grapefruit Body Cleanser 300ml

4.8 5 0 12 12 A mild body cleansing gel which is free of SLES and soap but still gives you the refreshing effect that you like. Contains lemon, grapefruit, and almond essence to hydrate and renew your skin while leaving behind a refreshing scent.
Arctaphos Lemon Grapefruit Body Cleanser 300ml


Refreshing Body Cleanser
Arctaphos Lemon Grapefruit Body Cleanser is a refreshing revelation. Its invigorating blend of lemon and grapefruit enlivens my senses every morning. The formula's gentle cleansing power effectively washes away impurities without stripping my skin's moisture. The zesty aroma lingers, making each shower a revitalizing experience. The sleek packaging and natural ingredients further elevate its appeal. If you're seeking a body cleanser that combines efficacy with a citrusy boost, Arctaphos is the perfect choice for your daily routine.
worth with the price
overall this product is good and reasonable price,after used feel refreshing
Awesome body wash
The best smell ever.. combination of lemon and grapefruit give me the fresh feeling everytime after bath. I would likely high recommended this product to my family and friends.
feel fresh
Feel very refreshing and hydrated after my bath.the price is also worth it the value.
The best shower
Bau yg sangat wangi dan menyegarkan..kulit terasa lembut bila dipakai.lepas mandi terasa segar dibadan.bau pun tahan lama dan saya sangat sukakan nya
Sangat bagus
Sangat sangat recommend buat yang ingin mencuba , kerana bau nya yang amat menenangkan , dan juga therapy buat kita yang seharian yang berkerja , kerana cleanser ini mempunyai lemon
I am in love with this body shampoo as I love its natural and long lasting scents. It has double action of cleansing and moisturising my body in just 1 step.  I super love this product.
Make you feel better
When i used this cleanser bodywash, its will feel you better with the aroma lemon, refresh your mind and clearing your dead skin
Refreshing and clean
The citrusy scent of lemon and grapefruit uplifts the senses, providing a revitalizing shower experience. The cleanser effectively cleans the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and lightly fragranced.
Great smells and price value
This unique body bath is good to use, it is a nourishing and that not only keeps me clean but also cares for delicate skin without irritation. T he price is definitely worth the value.
Fresh smell
Feel very refreshing and hydrated after my the pure fresh energy in myself.
love it so much
i love this flavour so much , smells very good after bathe...

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