Pillsbury 2minute Pancake Mix

4.3 5 0 28 28 Pillsbury 2minute Pancake Mix is extremely convenient and easy to prepare and can be had as a snack or a dessert any time of the day. It is also a sure-shot favourite among all age groups including adults and kids as well. It is an eggless mixture that contains no artificial colour or preservatives and is extremely convenient. The product comes in two variants: Choco Chip and Funfetti. The two minutes snack variants are priced at Rs 99 for a 165 gram pack and Rs 250 for a 400 gram pack respectively.
Pillsbury 2minute Pancake Mix


Best product of my life
This is the best product of my life, i use this in my daily life..... I can't live without this product..... This is my favourite product.... And my family too.... This is the amazing product,,, i want everyone to buy this product...
Pillsbury cake are easy to make
Pillsbury cake are easy to make. Just adding water tadan the dessert is ready. It kinda a playful for little champ bakers kids. I enjoy seeing them making cakes and pancake. It made our life easier ☺️
I loved this Chocolate chip Pancake mix by Pillsbury. It's super easy to make. The pancakes turn out to be just as good as you get in restaurants. The taste is out of the world. It's filled with chocolate-loaded flavor. And it's super soft, just how it should be. Undoubtedly value for a money pack!! Definitely going to buy it again and would recommend it to everyone!!
Really easy to make and the best pancakes I've ever had.
Very yummmy instant dish my children like it yes i love it yummmmmmmmmy
It's a good product for killing the hunger instantly, also the batter is also good, similar to that of the original batter....!
This product is really nice. Batter is smooth and fluffy and it overall tastes nice and a great instant substitute
Best product
I think it is the best product in the world i have ever seen
Instant receipe
Really a good product to hand on After maggi noodles I think this is the quickest recipe to opt for students and working people who really hassle for their breakfas This is an instant 2 min desert or snack to include Also best for brunch receipe and also good for tea time snack
Effortless pancakes
I love to make my pancakes from the scratch whenever time permits. However I really the convenience of packed mixes ,these are savior for a bus person like me. I can make pancakes in minutes and load with my favorites topping like maple syrup ,seasonal fruits, its yummy. I always keep this in my pantry as I know I need them anytime . The packaging is good and quality also at par with other brands I have tried. Rather say batter from some known brands too.
Ver easy
It is very easy to make anytime and it is very easy process
Tasty and Healthy Product
First of all I would like to say thank u to home tester club. and secondly it's a very nice product my kids and my family members liked it and it tastes good.. I prefer the product to each and every member.. Thank You
Must try
Very easy to make any time with my family and friends
It is too easy to make pancakes in just few minutes.
Easy fluffy go to eat pancake very tasty

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