Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer

4.7 5 0 52 52 Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer is an anti-germ post-wash liquid which removes invisible germs which ordinary detergent wash may not remove. While ordinary detergents remove dirt and visible stains, Lifebuoy’s laundry sanitizer has a specially designed formula which is proven to remove 99.9% germs post wash. Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer is gentle on most clothes and suitable for both colours and whites. It gives a delightful fresh fragrance to your laundry post wash.
Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer


Superb product from lifebuoy
I am using it it's superb I love it I recommend to you guys go an buy this product
Good product, much needed in current times
Lifebuoy has always been a trusted brand , and I was surprised to find laundry sanitizer while looking for hand sanitizer. Have used it post washing my husbands clothes and feel better that he is not bringing germs and viruses home. Would recommend everyone to try.
Good Product
I will suggest everyone to buy this product for free to wear clothes and free from the virus like corona.
Laundry sanitizer
Best sanitizer for clothes i had ever seen really helpful in this pandemic situation. And also helpful against corona. I will suggest everyone to buy this product for free to wear clothes and free from the virus like corona.
The best you can get
Since this pandemic started, we are mostly worried about mask and hand wash or hand sanitizer. But then when you come out of the home to the public places, there is no guarantee that the virus will get into your mouth or nose only. It can stay on your clothes and imagine how kids interact with you. They will jump on to you when you come back from outside. This is also very important to sanitize the clothes. This particular product is so nice and trust worthy that you will fall in love with it. I am using since last 2 months and I must say, I very much like it.
Nice one
This is very nice products lifeboy is very old company to protect the body care
Nice product everyone should try this one.. will get better result
Happy with dis
I am happy with this product this product is not bad . Amazing quality . This sanitizer is very nice my all family members are using this product yess I am recommend this product
Due to corona.. i used that product and its really good..
Germ controller
Its a verry good product, in current situation of corona its effective and lifeboy loaundy sanitizer kills the corona virus.
Best laundry sanitizer
I have used this product...and using it currently. I found it very effective and helpful.
Effective cleaning
Very good product used it on daily basis especially during the lockdown period.Its potency to clean is quite good. Its could be a little bit better.
Helpfull to fight against covid-19
As sanitizer become basis need in human life so why only sanitizer our ✋ hand .we should give a sanitization to our cloths this product is good it kills the germs which a regular detergent does not do
By using thisvi feel safe as during this corona period no one can say what would happen at time but it's good and gives a nice smell
I think it is safe to use
I think that this product can be safe to use during this corona period to protect yourself and our family, so I think it is an good product

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