Dettol Foaming Handwash Aloe Coconut

4.2 5 0 18 18 Dettol foaming handwash is a moisture-rich foam that removes dirt and germs while being gentle on the skin. This hand wash provides a soft and rich lather, leaving behind clean hands and a mild aloe coconut fragrance. Dettol handwash is dermatologically tested. Dettol Handwash is free from parabens/ TCC and is ph balanced.
Dettol Foaming Handwash Aloe Coconut


Very good product
This very a good handwash. It totally cleans the hands and also good for skin.
Aloe hand wash is good for dry skin it doesn't dry out your hair keeps your hair moustrise and well hydrated besides protection from gems and viruses good products
Impressive New product
Quality Good Packaging - Very Good Quantity - okay Price - Slightly over priced Formula - New n impressive Foaming Quality - Excellent Overall - Excellent
This is very good product
This is very Good product you must buy this product.
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Love this product
I always have Dettol in my home we use Dettol from a very long period because it helps in maintaining hiegine and keeps away from deaseas
Highly recommended handwash
Skin does not get dry after washing. Retains moisture and smells nice. Would definitely recommend this to others. Price could be reduced as competition is more in the market.
Fresh feels!
It's a wonderful product with great smell. The best part is its rich foam which give a feeling of refreshment. It also nourishes your skin. I would personally recommend you this definitely worth of money.
Best product
Good fragrance at good price. Worth buying.
It is excellent it cleaned hand perfectly
Great product with a combination of perfect hand cleaning and a mild fragrance, not overpowering. Perfect for household and workplace. It never let hands dry so its overall usable !!!
Cleans hands perfectly with mild fragrance
Great product with a combination of perfect hand cleaning and a mild fragrance, not overpowering. Perfect for household and workplace.
Product review
This handwash don't dry your hands....have good fragrance
Dettol is known for making good hand washes but it is high time they should work on making hand washes which are gentle on skin my skin goes rough after using it, the smell could have been better, it felt too artificial
Good handwash
I saw this product and bought it. The smell is good, soft on hands, and finally the trust of Dettol.

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