Munchkin Snack Catcher Snack Cup

4,7 5 0 72 72 Parfois, pour retrouver votre tout-petit, il semble que tout ce que vous avez à faire est de suivre un chemin de miettes. Le Snack Catcher® le plus vendu de Munchkin vient à la rescousse! Ce bol à collation portable avec couvercle permet aux tout-petits indépendants de se nourrir eux-mêmes avec un peu plus de dextérité et beaucoup moins de dégâts. Les enfants adorent avoir accès aux collations tout seuls grâce aux rabats flexibles, et les mamans adorent le fait que ces mêmes rabats aident à prévenir les déversements de nourriture partout dans la maison et dans la voiture.
Munchkin Snack Catcher Snack Cup


These are perfect for home & on-the-go!
We picked up a few of these snack cups a couple months ago and they are absolutely perfect for my toddler! They truly helped eliminate the mess that he used to make with regular bowls or cups and they’re also very easy to clean which is a plus!
An absolute must for any parent
Got it, here’s a revised version: --- The Munchkin Snack Catcher Snack Cup has been a game changer for on-the-go snacking. Its clever design allows little hands to grab snacks easily while preventing spills. The soft flaps are gentle on tiny fingers, and the sturdy construction withstands all the drops and tumbles. Perfect for road trips, playground visits, or just keeping snacks handy at home. If you’re tired of cleaning up endless snack messes, this cup is a must-have.
I’ve used these products for the last year and a half. They are easy for a baby and toddler to hold and get small food out of. They are easy to clean either by hand or on the top rack in the dishwasher. They hold up really well.
Mess free game changer
I saw this on a travel packing list for travelling with toddler so thought of grabbing the duo. They were certainly a game changer for us. My little messy snack lover decently had his snacks all through the flights without making a single mess around and the food stayed inside perfectly. His tiny hands perfecrly slept through the holes and out from it and he didn't seem to get bothered at all. For home or travel, it's a perfect mess free snacking container i would recommend to everyone. The only thing i would have added to the design if I could is a second airtight lid to keep the food fresh while on the go. I just used a plastic cover under the lid which worked perfectly fine, but having a dedicated lid would have made it a cherry on top. It is very easy to clean, dishwasher safe and has a nice place to write down the name of the owner on the bottom to save it from getting lost as well. Overall,highly recommend!
Love these
These snack containers are great! Both my toddlers have used them with minimal spilling of snacks. Easy to clean, super convenient for on the go
Plat anti-dégât
J'ai trouvé ces plats parfait pour mes enfants. On les utilisent beaucoup en auto ou lors de collations dans le salon cela évite beaucoup de dégâts. Ma soeur a beaucoup aimé les miens et s'est acheté les mêmes.
Good but better brand on market
Yes, these containers are wonderful, practical and I used them regularly with my baby/toddler (especially for in the car), but I prefer the Haakaa Silicone Sip-N-Snack Cup. The silicone cup is much soften on little fingers (than plastic) and comes with two interchangeable lids that transform it into the ideal sippy cup or spill-proof snack container.
Munchkin snack container
i love how these containers allow my kids to be independent in eating snacks the way they like but keeps it contained with less mess the way I like. They are durable and easy to clean. I would have liked a lid as sometimes snacks would fall out.
Snack Container
I think this is a genius way to keep my kids food from going everywhere. Very durable when dropped countless times and still wont drop any food. My little ones love them and will carry it anywhere they go. I would recommend.
Great toddler snack holder!
I bought these when my first baby started on solid foods to hold little snacks (cheerios etc...) and we ended up using them for a couple of years at least, and through 3 kids. They were great to use in the stroller and the car. My toddlers liked the independence of holding their own snacks and I liked that they didn't spill easily when dropped or thrown. Less clean up and less waste!
Must have!
These are great containers for the car! They save you from spill clean ups and keep the contents edible on long trips
Great product
Love these. We have had them for over 5 years now. All of my kids have enjoyed them. I enjoy the less mess snacks. Yes, you may get the odd piece of cereal or other treat that falls on the ground or out when your toddler is running. But the alternative is an open bowl that is dumped all over the floor in seconds. Also love that it is more difficult for my dog to access the snack. An open bowl is fair game in our house. Here if the snack is set down, our dog can't get into it and the snack remains for the kids!!
Great for on the go
This is great for snacks on the go for my daughter. Only downside is the flaps can sometimes get caught on my daughters hand when she tries to pull the snacks out with a closed fist otherwise it’s great.
These are amazing for little fingers as well as for less mess in the car. Saves a lot of clean up from the car seat or the stroller. Great for snacks on the go.
Parents dream
These items make snack time so much easier, less mess for cleaning up and so easy to teach the little ones to use. The person who thought this up was brilliant as I can tell you that these make life so much easier for parents and grandparents alike


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