Mélangeur individuel Proctor Silex 51125

4,1 5 0 121 121 Il est plus facile que jamais de préparer des fouettés onctueux et des boissons glacées savoureuses avec le mélangeur Single-Serve Proctor Silex. Conçu pour les gens actifs, ce mélangeur est facile d’utilisation et comprend un couvercle de voyage. Il suffit de placer le récipient sur la base (sans verrouillage) et de mélanger. Le bouton unique vous permet de préparer des boissons en y laissant des morceaux de fruit ou au contraire des boissons parfaitement onctueuses. Et vous pouvez boire directement du récipient à mélanger. Le récipient a été conçu pour s’ajuster à la plupart des porte-gobelets d’automobile. D’un design classique et offrant un rendement constant, le mélangeur Single-Serve Proctor Silex deviendra rapidement un de vos petits électroménagers préférés. Les lames en acier inoxydable broient la glace et les fruits congelés facilement, et vous constaterez rapidement que votre mélangeur peut faire bien plus encore. Il est idéal pour préparer trempette ou vinaigrette.
Mélangeur individuel Proctor Silex 51125


A Versatile and Efficient Blender
The Proctor Silex 51125 Single Serve Blender delivers impressive performance for its size. It can handle a wide range of ingredients, from thick smoothies to thin liquids, with ease. Here are some of the things we tested: Hot soup: We blended a hot and thick tomato soup with ease, thanks to the blender's powerful motor. Frozen fruit: The blender was able to puree frozen berries in no time, producing a smooth and creamy consistency. Yogurt: We added yogurt to the blender along with some honey and milk, and it easily blended into a creamy smoothie. If you're in the market for a single-serve blender that can handle various ingredients with ease, look no further than the Proctor Silex 51125 Single Serve Blender. With its powerful motor, easy-to-use interface, and versatile features, this blender is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reliable and efficient blending solution without breaking the bank.
Worked as Described
I'm absolutely thrilled with this blender! It performs just as well as larger models, effortlessly blending ingredients into smooth, creamy perfection. One of its standout features is its perfect portion size, ensuring I never have to guess how much to use for my delicious smoothies. Despite its affordability, it performs exceptionally well. I even use it to powderize eggshells from my own chickens. It's a truly handy little unit that exceeds expectations with its wonderful performance.
Very messy blender
Such a mess using this blender. Have tried making protein shakes, smoothies and blended beverages and there must be a seal that is broken because everytime it ends up all over. We’ve tried different levels of water, ice and fruit and it never fails to leak out. Also very noisy and has a cheap plastic feel to it, but it was also very cheap in price.
Proctor silex Single Serve Blender
This blender is perfect. It blends the ingredients as well as a larger model. I never have to guess how much to put in because it holds exactly enough for one delicious creamy smoothie.
Tough little blender
I have had mine for three years. Tough little blender
There is better out there
At first, I liked this product. We make smoothies for breakfast quite often and thought this would be handy. The first couple uses went really well. Then it started to show signs that it might not last very long. It stopped blending properly so the smoothies got quite chunky, and it would just stop working eventually. If you’re in a budget this product would be good, but I would recommend saving a bit more to get a better one as they don’t seem to last very long. A bit disappointing.
Parfait pour mes shakes,reste de la bonne grosseur ,broie bien et mélange le tout
Great little blender
Used this and loved it! Perfect size, quick, blends everything perfectly. Easy to clean. I lowered the star rating as I have been unable to find the product to purchase my own. I told my friend that I was going to permanently borrow hers since I can’t find my own!
Great for daily smoothies
Love this for daily smoothies. Handles frozen fruit well enough. May take a few stop and go cycles, but add enough fluid to mix it up. It did last a year or more before it did eventually die, but loved it while it lasted. Some little trouble washing if you don't rinse it right away, so ensure to soak or rinse especially if you use seeds or protein powder. Would replace if I didn't have another type of blender already.
Single Serve Blender
Good little appliance. Could have a little more power. I think it takes a little too long to do the blending. Good for someone on a budget. I guess you basically get what you pay for in the end.
I use this for making smoothies and most days it works fine but it will only work for a certain amount of time.It is usually enough time for my smoothie but sometimes left with chunks.
An okay blender
This blender was not too bad but it wore out pretty quickly when my teenager was making a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I had to upgrade to a bigger size because this one was not chopping the ice well enough.
Perfect size
Perfect for my morning smoothie or my iced drinks. Easy to use and fast clean up
Absolute garbage
Recieved this as a gift and I hated it right from the start. Worked okay for the first 1-2 smoothies then after that it was just aggravating to use. Couldn't even blend FRESH fruit..don't even try to blend ice...it also started leaking black stuff from the bottom ugh..Got a real blender now that actually works, this one was overly disappointing.
Very handy little unit
This is a very handy little unit even though it's not very expensive it definitely still preforms wonderfully, I've used it for powderizing my egg shell that come from my chickens


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