Love Child Organics Collation Love Ducks à saveur de pomme et fraise

4,8 5 0 39 39 Nos adorables canetons soufflés Love Child Organics sont faits à partir de farine de maïs, de farine de riz, d’huile de tournesol, de fruits et de légumes déshydratés – le tout sans OGM – et rien d’autre! Ils sont savoureux et agréables à manger. Vos enfants en oublieront leur envie de sucre et de sel. Une collation idéale pour les bébés et les enfants. Coin, coin, coin.
Love Child Organics Collation Love Ducks à saveur de pomme et fraise


Very good food for babies. They really like whenever I gave them.
My daughter loved these!
These were my daughters favourite when she was a baby. She would literally go through a whole bag in two days. This was her favourite flavour of them too. Definitely recommend these ! Especially because they are made of barely any bad ingredients
My son loves these
My son loves this He can’t stop at one, he eats the whole bag in minutes These are great for kids My son is Autistic and this is one of his favourite snacks A must buy
Kids still love these
We got these for the kids all the time when they were toddlers and even to this day, my youngest is 6 and he still likes them. SO much better than goldfish crackers too.
Baby loves it!
My 10 month old goes crazy for these duck puffs! Easier to grasp than the smaller puffs on the market, quickly dissolvable. My only issue is that they are an awkward size (easy to fit in baby’s mouth but too large to work it down in one go)
Perfect for travelling
It’s perfect for babies who are at eating stage and teething stage. My kids love them when we are on the go especially any outdoor place.
It's snack Time!
My kids and I both love this snack, but for very different reasons :-P On my side, I love that it is much more nutritious than regular 'Cheetos/chips' type snacks. It is a fun snack for the kids; they love the taste, love the shape (they often make duck sounds while eating), and love the size. I find that there is a good amount in one bag, making it easily shareable. This is a snack we regulary have at our house. It has no sodium, sugar, or additives, so that is a win in my book!
love duckies
my daughter love this snack because she love ducks and they are very crunchie the packaging is also easy to open. i think it is much better if it less messy when eat it. i recommend this.
My son liked these ducks
My son liked these ducks but they would make a big mess sometimes so just be careful!
Hey there I have an 19 month old daughter who loves these things. They are a good snack while for her while I cook dinner.
Best for kids
I recently tried the Apple and Strawberry Love Ducks Snacks from Love Child Organics, and I was thoroughly impressed! These bite-sized treats are not only adorable but also packed with nutritious ingredients and bursting with flavor. The combination of apple and strawberry is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy, making them a hit with both kids and adults alike. I appreciate the use of organic ingredients and the absence of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors
Easy on the go snack
Easy to hold for a 9 month old up baby good flavor and simple ingredients. Great to snack on the go or when we go to the park etc
Great Snack
My daughter loves these. Soon as I pull them out of the pantry her eyes light up and she can’t get enough!
Delicious and nutrious
Delicious little snack for your growing toddler and adults alike. Gave them to my child and they adored them and so did I. Lets be honest, all parents snack on their kids snacks. I tried and I enjoyed it.
Wholesome Delights
Love Child Organics Apple and Strawberry Love Ducks Snacks are a delightful and nutritious treat for little ones. Made with organic ingredients, including real apple and strawberry puree, these loveable duck-shaped snacks offer a burst of fruity flavor that kids adore. Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, parents can feel good about giving their children a wholesome snack that supports their healthy development. Perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a lunchbox addition, these snacks are conveniently packaged and easy for small hands to hold. With Love Child Organics, you can nurture your child's love for delicious, organic snacks while providing them with the goodness they deserve.


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