Freshpet Select nourriture plates grillés de poulet tendre pour chats

4,5 5 0 29 29 La recette de poulet aux carottes et épinards Plats Grillés Select de Freshpet est formulée pour atteindre les niveaux nutritionnels établis par l’AAFCO dans leurs profils des nutriments pour les chats de tous âges. Cet emballage contient poulet frais, foie, grains entiers, légumes, et 18 vitamines et minéraux.
Freshpet Select nourriture plates grillés de poulet tendre pour chats


Nutritious Cat Food
My cats love this food, I might possibly have to go buy one... I feel great giving this to them, it contains a lot of rich nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for them. Highly reccomend.
My cats love this product. They are moist and tender. Would purchase again in addition to other products. A real treat.
Too expensive
My cats really liked these treats, however, I couldn't justify buying them on a regular basis because of how expensive they are. I like that they are non GMO and Freshpet is known to be a good brand
Nutritious and delicious
My cat absolutely loves this cat food. Everytime I shake the bag she comes running. Plus it is very nutritious and healthy for her to eat. I have no problem feeding this to my cat every day.
Tasty Cat Food.
My girlfriend and I. We acquired a young Kitten who is now 7 months. This particular Cat Food. Our Ren loves and we trust it's great ingredients.
These treats seem to be a great hit, as both my cats and my sisters cat always seems to beg for them. They love them.
Good pet food
All of my cats love this and they will not have anything else
Cat eats it
My cat eats it. I’m not really sure what more we could want. Lol
Cat food
Food was fresh and one scoop was a good filling serving , it felt like after a serving of this food my cat would be Satisfied and would go lay down for hours
She likes it....She likes it
Kiki lovessssssss this stuff.... My Kiki is very picky ...Refuses all but one food.. .I thought what can it hurt trying something new..She must get bored... BUT I was so happy she actually enjoyed this... TY FreshPet
Both cats super picky and absolutely loved these. My lazy unbothered tortie even came running for the first thing wver
some cats like it....
I wish I could say that not only did my girls try it, they absolutely loved it...but I can't. The older cat (Podushka) gave it a good try but in the end walked away. The younger one (Babette) watched the older one, gave it a try and then tried to bury it. Sorry, it wasn't for them. I would still recommend it though; just because my two were meh about it doesn't mean anything in the long run. Like people they have an opinion.
Purrrfect treat
My kitties love this as a snack..just alone or mixed into food as a treat..sometimes even with mashed potatoes and carrots
Healthy & Cat Loves It!
My cat is super picky when it comes to food (not at all with treats) so this has been a great find! Not only is it healthy but my cat seems like he genuinely loves it. Highly recommend.
Mes chats en raffolent
Texte tendre les chats en raffolent tout simplement!!


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