Freshpet Select nourriture plates grillés de poulet tendre pour chats

4,3 5 0 35 35 La recette de poulet aux carottes et épinards Plats Grillés Select de Freshpet est formulée pour atteindre les niveaux nutritionnels établis par l’AAFCO dans leurs profils des nutriments pour les chats de tous âges. Cet emballage contient poulet frais, foie, grains entiers, légumes, et 18 vitamines et minéraux.
Freshpet Select nourriture plates grillés de poulet tendre pour chats


Great Ingredients but cats did not like
I was excited when I found this item in the refrigerator section of Sobey's. However, my cats were not a fan and didn't eat any of it. A shame since it looks really good, is healthier, and has better ingredients.
Cat hates it
My cat usually eats most foods, but he was not a fan of this one. The food is pretty healthy so I hoped it would have been good for him, but he turned it away every time and would just refuse to eat rather than eat this.
Loved, but is unsustainable
My cats absolutely loved this and it was good for me too. Easy to give them, and nothing gross about it (not messy/liquid, no overwhelming smells, etc.). Love the clean ingredients and the nutritional factors, so would love to keep up with this food, but unfortunately it is simply not sustainable on the financial front. I understand the price point, but I don't think it's doable for the majority of people. A great shame. Hopefully enough people who can afford to buy it do so, because then the price could go down. I'd keep my eye out for sales, but you shouldn't change your cat food so flippantly. Guess this won't be for us, but I wish it could be.
Comme gaterie
J’ai acheté ce produit après avoir lu les commentaires mais non pas pour mes chats, avec seulement 18% de protéines ce n’est pas suffisant pour mes chats super actifs ( bengal et highland lynx) par contre ils l’aiment beaucoup alors ce sont des gateries mais je ne pense pas en racheter
I was more excited than my cat
I think it’s an awesome product but my cat begged to differ. He was picky and required me to mix dry food into it. I loved the idea of fresh food for him that I could trust. Hit or miss depending on cats preference
Nutritious Cat Food
My cats love this food, I might possibly have to go buy one... I feel great giving this to them, it contains a lot of rich nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for them. Highly reccomend.
My cats love this product. They are moist and tender. Would purchase again in addition to other products. A real treat.
Too expensive
My cats really liked these treats, however, I couldn't justify buying them on a regular basis because of how expensive they are. I like that they are non GMO and Freshpet is known to be a good brand
Nutritious and delicious
My cat absolutely loves this cat food. Everytime I shake the bag she comes running. Plus it is very nutritious and healthy for her to eat. I have no problem feeding this to my cat every day.
Tasty Cat Food.
My girlfriend and I. We acquired a young Kitten who is now 7 months. This particular Cat Food. Our Ren loves and we trust it's great ingredients.
These treats seem to be a great hit, as both my cats and my sisters cat always seems to beg for them. They love them.
Good pet food
All of my cats love this and they will not have anything else
Cats enjoy it and dogs too!
We came across this soft food by accident. We were looking for a more natural food for our cats as the old dried kibble wasn't cutting it anymore. One day while looking for a more raw feline food alternative we saw this food in a fridge at our local grocer. To our delete the price wasn't too high, although a bag won't feed for cats long (even when mixed in with dry kibble). Our cats love it although we need about 4 bags a month to feed them. This isn't easy to pull off on a fixed budget, but it could be doable. By far this food has quality ingredients that are clearly listed in the package. You know exactly what your giving your furry little friends. Our cats love the flavors available as we tried both beef and chicken. I'm for one glad we can trust a food to give to our four friends. Our dog even loves it especially when stray kibble falls at his feet.
Cat eats it
My cat eats it. I’m not really sure what more we could want. Lol
Cat food
Food was fresh and one scoop was a good filling serving , it felt like after a serving of this food my cat would be Satisfied and would go lay down for hours


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