Catit Play Circuit 3 en 1 avec balle et jardinière d’herbe

3,4 5 0 8 8 Le circuit 3 en 1 avec balle constitue un jouet conçu pour offrir à votre chat des heures de plaisir. Le jouet interactif 3 en 1 comprend : des graines et de la vermiculite pour faire pousser de l’herbe pour chats, un circuit avec balle, et une abeille culbuto. La jardinière d’herbe est disposée au centre du jouet et offre aux chats d’intérieur les bienfaits de l’herbe retrouvée à l’extérieur. L’herbe constitue une source naturelle de fibres, laquelle est reconnue pour aider la digestion et prévenir la formation de boules de poils. Des graines et de la vermiculite sont incluses pour vous permettre de faire pousser de l’herbe saine pour vos chats.
Catit Play Circuit 3 en 1 avec balle et jardinière d’herbe


My cat was interested in this and used it randomly when she’d walk buy and give it few swats and play for a bit then move on to the next plan of attack! She plays with with it briefly a few times a week as it sits on the living room floor. I found it worth it for an extra activity to do.
Super cute
First off, the design is super engaging. The circuit ball toy is like a little racetrack for your kitty, complete with a rolling ball that they can bat around. It’s great for keeping them entertained and active, especially if you have an indoor cat that needs a bit more stimulation. The addition of the cat grass is a fantastic touch. It’s like a little snack bar right in the middle of the action. The grass is easy to grow and maintain, and my cats absolutely love nibbling on it. It’s a great way to add some greenery to their playtime and provide a bit of extra nutrition. Putting the toy together was straightforward, and it feels sturdy enough to withstand some enthusiastic play. My cats were curious from the moment I set it up and quickly got the hang of chasing the ball around the track. It’s been a great way to keep them engaged and prevent boredom.
Cat got bored
He played with the ball for 5 mins when he realized the ball wasn't coming out he gave up, didn't bother with the bird at all. Maybe it's just my cat.
Simple efficace
Mon chat adore ce jouet. Il est efficace et est simple a installée.
Ultimate Playtime
The Catit Play 3 in 1 Circuit Ball Toy with Cat Grass offers a multifaceted entertainment and enrichment experience for your feline friend. This innovative toy combines the excitement of a fast-paced ball circuit with the natural appeal of cat grass, keeping your cat engaged and stimulated for hours. The circuit's interactive design encourages your cat to chase and swat the ball, providing essential physical exercise and mental stimulation. Additionally, the included cat grass not only adds a touch of nature to indoor play but also aids in digestion and provides a safe, edible source of greens. Easy to assemble and maintain, this versatile toy is perfect for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for your cat while satisfying their natural instincts.
My cat showed basically no interest
My cat came, looked, and smelled product. She slightly rubbed against bird, then walked away.
My cat got bored fast
I thought my cat would have played with this for hours but he chased the ball around a few times, tried to grab it with his paws and then got bored. He didn't care to flick the bird on the spring stick at all so he walked away after 5 minutes. Maybe other cats will play for a long time on this but mine didn't.
Bon pour les jeunes chatons
Mon chat adorait quand il était petit mais maintenant ce jouet traine dans la salle a jeux et ça fait longtemps qu'il s'en préoccupe plus. Je pense a donner a quelqu'un qui a un jeune chat....


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