AVEENO® traitement apaisant pour le bain de bébé 5 sachets

4,8 5 0 119 119 Le traitement apaisant pour le bain de bébé AVEENO® avec avoine colloïdale naturelle apaise la peau sèche, irritée et qui démange de votre bébé.
AVEENO® traitement apaisant pour le bain de bébé 5 sachets


Baby soft cream.
Love this product. Use daily for my face that us prone to break outs. Makes my face feel hydrated and soft.
Great for eczema
My 5 year old has had sensitive skin with patches of eczema for years. It is so hard to find products that soothe this (that he doesn’t hate). This bath is so soothing and it also looks like a mud puddle - so I convinced him to bring some trucks in the bath. He’s happy, I’m happy!
Smoothing and calming baby's skin
My little one has very dry skin, eczema on the backs of her arms, this stuff worked so quickly with soothing her dry irritated skin and it has a very pleasant smell, I would recommend this product.
Baby bath
At first I was hesitate about using it especially being a first time mom and little kiddos skin can react to anything. My little one would have up and down itch spells, and this helped out so much. I didn't even use all of it in 1 bath, even with half it still worked wonders.
Parfait pour les bébés… et les grands
J’ai beaucoup utilisé ses sachets avec les enfants. C’est amusant pour eux de le déposer dans le bain, puis, ça leur fait du bien. J’en utilise même à l’âge adulte. Le format est idéal et j’aime le fait que ce soit individuel donc pas de gaspillé ou de dégât.
Indispensable peau sèche sensible allergie eczéma moustique j’en passe un essentiel pour toi et ta famille
Best for eczema
Used for my baby on my doctor's recommendation. Prevents dry skin and provides smooth skin
20+ YRS of skin later: 0 complaints !
My son struggles with sensitive/eczema-prone skin as badly as I did as a very young child. This stuff however will ALWAYS bring relaxation to the bath routine- and piece of mind fpr us both! Knowing no matter how badly his skin may flare up or itch or even be going through something viral- putting this “soft construction site water mud” into the bath first or last, is reassuring for even his own innocent mind. Sometimes even a soaps’ bubble lathering up may cause further irritations to any skin condition present, which means not too much of a fun time with a tub full of creamy yucky water… but this oatmeal bath honestly bring a whole new experience to that little kind of an issue you might be having with your loved ones !!!
Good for eczema
My son has eczema and this is a great product that has helped sooth his skin and help control moisture and stop itching
Holy Grail
This is the only thing that makes my son’s eczema and dry skin gone since he was an infant! Been using it for 2 years now and it’s my holy grail.
Another wonderful Aveeno product
This company never disappoints. So good for sensitive skin, super hydrating and my baby's skin always feels so soft and moisturized after use!
Loved this!
I've used the adulf version of these before and loved them, helped to soothe my eczema. The day my baby girl was born I've been putting this in her bath and it definitely makes her not so dry. Extremely recommended for everyone and the baby type is definitely recommend for your baby. I have recommended this to family and friends and I will continue to.
Great relief for the kids
Works great to soothe in the bath tub the kid’s eczema during flare ups. Also works wonders when my dogs seasonal allergies are in full force. Good to have just in case if you have little kids
Smells good leaving skin soft and hydrated
Worked wonders for my baby
I used this product a lot when I kids were little. My son had hand foot mouth and this helped to calm some of thr irritations he had all over him. My daughters would get bag diaper rash and this would help with the tenderness and soreness they had. I recommend it to everyone.


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