Twinkle White Frosting Tube

3.7 5 0 21 21 New and improved formula, creamy and buttery smooth frosting in a convenient easy-to-use tube, perfect for deocrating cupcakes, cookies and cakes!
Twinkle White Frosting Tube


Easy to use
The Twinkle White Frosting Tube comes in a squeeze tube which makes it very easy to use - it reminds me of using a piping bag without the hassle of putting icing into the bag with a spatula. I like that it comes with four different decorating tips and easy to attach. Squeezing the frosting out was easy with little effort. Taste-wise, it wasn't too sweet.
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Easy to use icing tube
I used the icing tube to icing cookies, I likes the ease of use, it was easy to control, but I would like to the tubes come with different design tips or shapes
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Très bonne enbout pour décoration biscuits gâteau muffins plusieurs style j'adore
Frost that!
The taste of this icing was okay, very sweet and a bit grainy though. I did have some trouble getting it to come out of the tube so I put it in warm water for a bit. It went on the cupcakes okay after that. I would not buy this again, the ones in the tubs taste better.
So creamy
I grabbed this to frost a cake and was so impressed. Tasty and creamy and easy to use. So good. My family loved it
Very pasty
I usually have no issues with frostings but this particular one was very thick and pasty tasting. Grainy even. I found if I put the tube into a glass of warm water, the product would soften so I could use the tips provided but the flavour was not there for me or the kids.
Easy to use nozzles make it faster and easier to create more intricate designs on baked goods. The different heads also hello create more details and allow for a more personalized dessert q.
It’s ok , I wouldn’t buy again not very good . Sticky . Cheap
Blue Icing
It’s a really good product but it’s way to sweet.
Great for kids
I've used this product, a few times. It's great for children, as it's easy to use and comes and an array of colours. As for decorating a cake, I wouldnt bother. Often frosting is different consistency and does not hold up well. Almost like it's to oily
Vraiment ça m'a tellement facilité la vie pour la décoration de mes biscuits.
Easy to use
Very easy to use, leaves no mess . Would definitely would buy again. Can’t wait to try the other colours.
Good Experience
It was a very easy process. Took seconds to use. Made my creations look even more pretty.
I liked this icing tube. It was easy to use, because of the applicator. It would be better if there was more in the tube though!
Very good product
I really like this white icing tube I can decorate cakes and cookies It is very easy to handle Great Product I would highly recommend this product to anyone because it works so well

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